Saturday, December 02, 2006

Walkin' In A Winter Wonderland

Here ye, here ye! Holiday charms are listed in the shop and ready to go to new homes. I do have multiples available of both the Mr. Frosty charms and Lollipop Guild Charms--let me know if you're interested in buying more than one and I'll set ya up.

I'm completely and madly in love with the lolly charms. Sigh. Peppermint lollipops make me want to smile all freakin' day long. They're just so...cheerful. Unbearably so.

Anyway, the Winter Wonderland Charm Theme Pack (pictured above) is one-of-a-kind and I won't have another set available before Christmas--just so you know ahead of time.

As far as other stuff is concerned... The weather here in the Sound has been insane this past week or two. I'm no stranger to cold weather--I lived in central Washington for a few years while in college and we had some killer winters there. The Seattle area doesn't get bad winters, trust me. Usually a snow storm or two every year, but they're pretty mild (and last year I don't think we got one snowfall, oh the humanity!). But this past week we got caught in a cold snap and the temps plummitted. Then came the snow. And the ice. No one was prepared for it, which meant lots of bad, bad traffic problems. And then we all woke up one morning and the temps were 20 degrees higher. Huh. So, the snow is melting, the ice is long gone, and things are going back to normal around here. Most people around here hate the snow and complain when we get our measley 4".

I for one, love it.

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