Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Fly Away

Birdies have landed in the shop for the holidays! There's 3 bright hues to choose from:They look splendid alone, of course, but even better when grouped up together. I'm a big fan of unconventional colors for the holidays (pinks, shocking greens, black, yellow...). Love red as I may, come December, I need lots of bright off-beat punches of color alongside it.

And peppermint stripes, of course. Gotta have the peppermint stripes. :)

Off to see Across the Universe on Friday in Seattle with a couple friends from work and am extremely excited! I've been looking forward to this film for months--almost as long as I have for the Darjeeling Limited (which I am DYING--dying, people--to see). I know it's getting odd reviews, but I don't care. Beatles tunes AND odd/stunning surreal visuals? Sign me up, please.

Ta-ta for now, dear friends!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Step Right Up...

My mailman just brought these highly anticipated double-sided beauties to my doorstep! Yay for new business cards! I'm ever-so-thrilled with them and couldn't be more pleased.
I also received a pile of these splendid new postcards to throw into packages: Eek! I'm delighted.
More glitter ornaments shall be loaded into the shop soon (birdies in multiple bright hues--you'll love them!).

Happy Tuesday, dearies!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

A Little of This, A Little of That

The power never did go out, alas, so instead I had a "faux power outage" (in other words, the lights and computer were left off and candles were a'blazing). Sometimes, you just can't count on Mother Nature.
I did very little other than dishes, ordering supplies, and tidying up a bit. I did however work out some fun sketches for a couple little dessert plates I want to paint for myself. I've been meaning to do up some London-themed plates for a while but never nailed down my idea.
Well, it's nailed now and I'm definitely going the oh-so-graphic route of flat black/white paint. I think they'll look charming on the wall (...or with a colorful cupcake underneath...). I'd like to do a similar design on canvas/panel except in very London-like muted hues and brownish grays. We shall see though.
Way, way back I painted up a trio of miniature truffle paintings and they've been hanging out, waiting to be either put up for sale or used in some fashion. I've finally created a little display that fits them quite nicely, I think.
A wee candy shop banner! Peppermint-striped ribbon, truffles, and a framed old photo of my great grandfather from Italy. Perfecto! I bought this awesome pitcher at the thrift store the other day for three dollars and love it. It's currently residing on my bookshelf, but I think it'll look splendid with some fresh flowers in it come next Spring.And this AMAZING little photographer's calling card book I bought at the antique store last month is still making me dance with glee. The cover is completely worn off and the book has long since fallen apart, which is much expected as it's dated from the mid 1800s.
Filled with 18-20 different photo cards (the one above being my fave), which I plan on framing individually and hanging in a grid-pattern on some lucky wall. The best part (besides the fact that it's so old)? It was only $10!! Craziness.

I have a new painting idea a'brewing and I think it will be quite large. I'm hoping to get started on it tomorrow--all other painting/crafting ideas are getting thrust on the back burner for this one. I will certainly keep you all posted!

Keep warm for the weekend!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Here Comes Santa Claus

Lots to show and tell...
I've been busily working like a madwoman on glittery ornaments to sell in both the shop and at the December show as fun little accessory items. They're crazy fun to make and I love how they look when displayed next to my art! They go hand-in-hand together. I think the little green buggers are my faves.Also been getting all prepped and ready for the holiday shopping craze to begin. This includes painting up bunches of peppermint-striped gift boxes for the show, which I still need to wrap in ribbon and slap labels onto, as well as gluing oodles of rings (50 to be precise) which will then be lacquered and glazed with mini prints attached...
I also scored this perfect little ceramic dish at a local Goodwill for a couple bucks. It's a bluish/greenish/turquoise color that looks AWESOME with red (one of my fave color combos and the colors of my show booth/table). So I can scratch "ring-bowl-holder-thingy" off the daunting "Need to Buy for Show & Holidays" list.

We have a storm a'brewing for tomorrow, so I've loaded up on candles and really *really* hope the power goes out. It's my day off from work this week so I plan on staying home with the fire going, painting, crafting, drinking tea, and cozying up on the couch listening to the wind.
Sounds perfect.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Fresh from the Studio

Just popping in ever-so-briefly to let everyone know that this painting is now up for grabs in le shoppe! It looks so at home in its little frame...
And I also listed the
seahorse glittered ornaments as well. All packaged up, they look like treasures from ages past.
Alrighty. Tomorrow I'm heading to the Seattle Symphony with my dear friend for a late night Mozart concert, seafood at Ivar's, and some general girly conversing. I'm terribly excited! Right now though I think it's time for a hot cup of tea, perhaps some shortbread, and a movie. Enjoy your weekends, my friends!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Heeled Oxfords Love Glittery Seahorses

Good evening, dear chaps!
I had forgotten to show you my shoes from Edinburgh. I blew my entire souvenir budget on these darlings but it was worth it and I'm in utter love with them. My wardrobe is such a mish-mash of cheapo Target staples, Gap sales rack, the occasional Macy's skirt and blouse, and then a few pairs of expensive shoes. It never ceases to amaze me how you can be dressed nearly entirely in non-expensive clothes but have on that one pricey and awesome purse/jacket/pair of shoes that make everything look dang expensive and chic. I like to mix it up a bit like that. Anyway, the shoes are entirely leather with a stacked wooden heel. They came with absolutely *no* traction, which was a problem. Can't have that, now can we? But instead of going to a cobbler, which are hard to find now-a-days and expensive when you DO find one, I bought a pair of stick-on traction pads from the drugstore for the bottoms. Discreet and keep me from falling like an idiot.

I'm also glad to inform you that the painting is done and marvelous! I'm loading it into the shop for sale tomorrow, October 11th, so keep a keen eye out if you want to jump on it.
The seahorses are nearing the end of their transformation, and this one happened to beat the lot and is snugly sleeping in its packaging. They've been glitterized and are currently being strung on ribbon with silver beads as ultra stylish ornaments. And they're black, so they really look awesome hung anywhere at anytime (I have plans on hanging some from my dining room chandelier for Halloween!). More than likely, some will get listed in the shop by Friday this week. And oodles will be available at the December show, which I am busily preparing myself for...

I leave this very red-themed post with another red object from recent travels:
Enjoy your evening! Hope it includes a dvd, warm fire, and some munchies...

Monday, October 08, 2007

I Want to Be, Under the Sea...

There's nothing quite like staying up late at night after a long 8 hour work day to do some general artyness. Some sneak-peaks and previews for what's going on currently on my work table...Coral studies in my sketchbook for a small new painting that's coming along swimmingly.
A pile of freshly painted black wooden seahorses. Bold things are in store for them--oh yes, bold things indeed. You can also see a snippet of the new painting being worked on (the colors aren't acurate here, but I promise, it's quite a yummy mixture of pale pinks and minty greens with that shockingly vibrant red). Another day for the shadows/details on the coral and some general aging is in due order. It'll be framed like this lil' darling. Yup, it'll be up for grabs in ye shoppe soon (I'll let you know when as soon as the finish line draws near).
I was inspired to choose the colors for this painting after I stayed the night in this wonderful old Victorian house in Bath, England from my trip. Just look at those walls! I honestly have no pictures of the city--just a bunch of snapshots I took from the house interior.
And this little stinker continues to up the cuteness. She's currently in the "curtain-love" phase of her life. And for some unknown reason, has suddenly taken a keen liking to sleeping on wooden slat chairs and desks instead of freshly made beds. Why, I haven't the slightest idea.
A good week ahead for all, I hope!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Good Things

Why, hello October. You sure are a welcome sight for sore eyes. Glad to see you've arrived. Finally.

Lots of little things to mention, including this new print that's up for grabs in the shop:
It's from that collaboration project I told you guys about a while back. I love the mixed-media painting itself, but damn does it ever look good in print form. I think I'll keep one for myself and toss it in a neat frame.

And speaking of frames...
I nabbed these from a local antique store last week for practically nothing (seriously. I got all of 'em for only $20--and that biggun will hold an 8x10 painting AND it's already wired! Double score!). I'm a nutcase for vintage and antique frames. I have a ton of frames (both new and old) lying about that need paintings in them. I get thrilled looking at them even if they don't have anything in them. And these ones are just so perfect. While the biggun will, more than likely, be staying with me, I have plans for the other three and they WILL be for sale. You can count on that. Will let you know the details once I actually get some paintings whipped up for 'em.Here's some other arty goods hangy up about the house.
Above we have a neat vintage ship printed on wood (I'm so happy I bought this. I smile every time I walk past it). And below we have a framed mushroom card I bought in Bath while trekking around England. The frame is one of those cheapo frames from Joanns for only a few bucks. They really are crappy--not even cut straight. But I found that after I aged 'em a bit with sandpaper and make them look like they're SUPPOSED to be flawed, then they looked pretty cool (mind you, my picture-taking skills here are quite ridiculous).
Oh! Just tonight I threw a couple
hand-painted drawer pulls up for sale in the shop:
I'm destashing my mess of a studio and, while I never sell my ceramic pieces, thought it was time to let these go. I've had them for a year now and they're still not on a drawer or cabinet. Just no time and no cool desk for them to adorn.

And, as a head's-up, it's official. I'll be at the Urban Craft Uprising holiday show in Seattle on December 1st & 2nd. If you live in the Pacific Northwest, be sure to stop by my booth and say hi! It'll be my first show, so I'm horribly excited and nervous at the same time. Should be oodles of fun, though. Now I just need to do massive prep for it. Oy vey.