Friday, October 24, 2008

Curious Octopi

Sorry about the random blog banner changes and such. I've finally settled on this one for the holidays I think.
I have a couple surprises for you all, including a shop update pretty soon here (possibly the first week of November--more details a'comin') and quite possibly a really cool giveaway. I just have to ready some pictures, so stay tuned!

This recently finished painting is a part of the "Precious Objects" series I've been knee-deep in and will be in this upcoming shop update--it's definitely a favorite. Definitely.

"Inkwell" acrylic on hardboard 8x10"

Lots of semi-transparent paint glazes for the background (lots--I remember having to wait a solid day for the background to dry before getting to work on the octopus, which for acrylics, is a bit absurd). It has quite a luminescent glow to it.
All I need is a lovely golden frame for it.

On an unrelated side note, I just bought probably the cheapest sketchbook I've ever come across the other day ($3), which is completely made of recycled paper and staple-bound with a recycled pulp red paper cover and made in Italy. I've already filled it halfway. It's so funny to me how the cheapest sketchbooks/notebooks get filled the quickest with various drawings and inspiring little sketches while the really expensive, leather-bound sketchbooks lie nearly untouched with only a handful of far inferior doodles. It could just be me. I think my creative brain is just plain old scared to death of "wrecking" the pricey, cool sketchbooks. Silly, silly.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Little Red

Oh my. Hello, sweeties. I haven't forgotten you! In fact, you have all been on my mind. Thank you *so* much for your constant love and support. The update was a success and I'm thrilled to have a few more original paintings and sketches and things off delighting folks 'round the country. There's still oodles more left if you've been on the fence.

I've slowed down a bit on the painting front, which is actually quite good as I was completely absorbed there for a good 3 weeks. I'm a little red-eyed and lost, but happy with the new pieces. I can't wait to unveil them all to you! This particular one I just listed in the shop and I'm rather smitten with it (no doubt my most mixed-media mini piece to date):
I've been hanging onto this antique 1800s book cover for a long time wondering what to do with it. It is, hands down, the coolest antique store find I've come across. It used to be the cover of a photographer's cabinet card photo book. When I found it, the book binding was no more, and the cover was completely seperated from the aged cabinet cards. I think I paid $10 for the whole shebang. I still have the back cover and will probably hold onto that one a wee bit longer...

And Halloween is just around the bend! Yay! I've been dreaming up costume ideas and I think I've finally settled on dressing up in a Little Red Riding Hood ensemble--encorporating elements from the entire story in my costume. It's a bit daunting, and I'm waiting on the vintage dress I ordered to get here to do some alterations, but man am I excited!

I've been scouring Etsy to gather some visual inspirations for my costume and thought I'd share some with all of you. Some of these pieces have sold, some are still up for grabs and would make wonderful costume additions (and are even perfect for after the spooky holiday is over). Together, they make a wonderfully adult version of the Little Red Riding Hood story:

neckwarmer/capelet from NandaHandcraftedathena's love nest necklace from luxedeluxered chenille cape from TessVintageKnitsgingham and lace dress from GreyBrocket

victorian cape from gloomthpeacock headband from portobello
victorian revival dress from lulalee

coyote mask from merimask
amelia headband from whichgoose
gentilly slip from bayousalvage
chartreuse bunny button from poodlebreath
basket handbag from lisazainralph lauren oxford lace up boots from nstylevintage

Yummy! So much eye candy. I wish I could scoop all of these lovelies up for a jaw-dropping outfit.

Happy Monday, peeps! Hope it's full of whimsy!

Sunday, October 05, 2008

The Curtain is Drawn (literally)...

Just a couple more days now until the October update!

I'm very excited to unveil these delightfully mysterious little creations to you. Here's some snapshots from yesterday's photo shoot:
"Lucy" sketchbook stuffy ornaments--b/w heat transfer on vintage cotton

"The 8-Legged Typist" sketchbook stuffy ornaments--b/w heat transfer on vintage cotton

"Tentacle Twins" sketchbook stuffy ornaments--b/w heat transfer on vintage cotton

"A Peace Offering" framed mini sketch

"Relic" framed mini sketch {sold}

"Margaret" framed mini sketch

"She Waited For The Right Moment To Tell Him" framed mini sketch

"Secrets, Solitude, and Sundries" original sketch/painting locket necklace (outside front)"Secrets, Solitude, and Sundries" original sketch/painting locket necklace (inside)

"The White Rabbit" acrylic on canvas, 5x7" + frame {sold}

"Lollipops" acrylic on wood plaque {sold}--a very, very familiar painting from last year (after spending a good long while on display, it is finally able to go up for sale).

"A Surprise Engagement" acrylic on wood/laminate sample tag {sold}--I ran out of daylight before I could finish snapping pictures of this lil' one. I could only snag one "display" shot of it--need to get the close-ups tomorrow. Yes, that is an emerald ring. And yes, that would indeed be a scarab beetle (who I had way, way too much fun painting).

Before I go, I snapped a super quickie pic of a late-50s vintage sundress I bought a few months ago off Etsy. It needed to have the waist let out a bit (I may be a very petite gal, but heck, I don't wear corsets).

It is really, really amazing and I got it for quite a steal. With a brown jacket and lace-up knee highs, it's Fall-ready as well. Yay, Fall!

I'll see you folks on Wednesday!

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Save The Date

It's official. I hope to see you guys and dolls there, come next Wednesday! I'll be popping back in here soon with updated pics of the things to come.

Happy Wednesday evening, loves!

PS: I caved and bought a pumpkin today at the grocery store. October, it's good to see ya again, sir.