Friday, August 31, 2007

Fleas and Wee Forest Scenes

There is a creature so horrible that it scares the living daylights out of me if I just look at it.

I am of course talking about the common flea.

It appears that my cat has got a bad case of the little buggers. Last week I noticed some on her when I was giving her a good pet-down and I immediately checked her over. There were quite a lot and I became horror stricken. She never gets fleas (chalk that up to over-obsessive behavior on my part in getting her a new flea collar every 5 months since she was a kitten). So why now? Am I doing something wrong? Are fleas suddenly immune in my yard? Is it just a super bad flea season?
My questions were answered when I drove down to the grocery store at 9pm on a Monday night to get a new flea collar and perhaps some other flea-killing device. The store was OUT of flea collars and had very slim pickin's of flea prevention chemicals. A trip to the pet store the next day and I noticed there were 5 other people in front of me in line buying flea sprays and shampoos.

Okay. Point taken. It appears we have a bit of a flea epidemic this season. My cat now has a new flea collar, some of that one-spot chemical stuff on her, flea powder...she's nothing short of a walking pesticide bomb. And yet I can still find fleas on her if I check closely. Ugh. I also went on a cleaning rampage throughout the house to prevent it from becoming overrun with the hopping suckers (there's no nook the vacuum cleaner hasn't touched now--including all the furniture and pillows--and everything that was able went through the wash--I slept in a sleeping bag last night). I really *really* hate fleas. Where oh where is that cold frost that I'm dying to have arrive?

In other news (and I reckon it's hard to have a nice transition from fleas to art, but oh well), it's been a long, long work week and I'm completely burned out. I have today off and then it's back to the grind for another 5-6 days until I can get another break. I was hoping to do some painting today, but between the mighty Flea War and the hours I've been doing at the day job, I'm just way too tired. I've spent the vast majority of my day-off making my way through a hefty stack of comic books lent to me by a good pal at work (bless his heart, this is just what I needed).
And then there's this bomb of a room.
Somewhere in there is my "studio space". Needless to say, I don't go in there unless there's something I really, really need. It's a soul-sucking pit of doom--though there are jewels thrown hither about amongst the X-acto knives on the floor and the tinsel tree and futon mattress (boy, does THAT ever need to go). How on earth did I ever let it get this bad?
Part of the problem is I don't have any shelves. Apparently, I need shelves. My goal is to get it whipped into shape after my trip to England so I can start using the space again instead of just spreading my painting madness into other parts of the house (my dining table is currently overrun with painting supplies). After looking at other design blogs, I'm feeling pretty inspired to tackle it. Plus, it will be so nice to have a well-organized room where I can spread out the canvas and paint away.

I do have one piece of art to show you before I hit the comic book pile again...
I managed to paint up a ceramic candlestick holder after work the other day for my living room and love how it turned out. I kinda want to do a couple more with other odd little scenes on them for more parts of the house.

Sorry I don't have much to show you at the moment. I promise there shall be more soon, just as soon as I can get some time in!

Have a great weekend, folks!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Things are a'movin

Just as quickly as it was listed, the circus painting sold. And it sold to an amazing gal with the most incredible house (which she happens to be selling). Man, I'm so jealous of my art...

Here's the eyeball tag painting, which is still up for grabs:
I have loads to do. Custom paintings to work on (dangit--I'm getting them done tonight even if it kills me!), a collaboration art project I'm doing with a buddy from work, laundry and other horrid chores, and getting packages set for shipping. And then get up for work tomorrow morning, and if I can manage, the post office. Le sigh.

This has been a crazy art sales month for me--I think it's tied right now as being THE best sales month (profit wise) from the past year and a half. It's certainly fueling my constant energy to focus nearly entirely on selling art and not having a job on the side. One day...
I'd also like to announce that I'm now, officially, selling overseas to all you crazy international folks. It's taken a good long while, I know. But better late than never....right? Would a big internet hug make up for it? My current shop listings are going through a bit of an evolution with the international shipping, so if you see something you'd like and you live abroad, just let me know and I'll set ya up. Within the next week or two I'll hopefully have everything squared away with the international shipping quotes.

That's all for now! Here's to a *hopefully* excellent week for everyone!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Circus Tents, Long Island Iced Teas, and Alan Rickman

It's listed! Finally! The mini eyeball one will also be listed in the next day or two. I feel so much better to have another original up for sale. Now I can slack off and watch a movie tonight.

Last night was the big Seattle outing with friends. Man, was that ever a blast. Went to McCormick & Schmick's for drinks with two of the gang and after we got completely buzzed, went over to Wild Ginger to meet the other guys for some killer Thai food. And I mean killer. Expensive...but so good. I rarely go out all night like that (especially when I have to get up early for work the next morning), so it was an utter blast. Too bad the comic book shop was closed. Oh well. There's always next time.

On the movie front, I read over on Miss Black Apple's blog that a new Burton flick is in the works and due out in January. Based on the stage play Sweeney Todd and featuring, I kid you not, Johnny Depp AND Alan Rickman. Duuuudddeeee. Two movie screen hunks that I adore. I'm shaking with excitement!

And, speaking of Alan Rickman, I promised a while ago to show you the painted ceramic Snape pin I had made for the big book release. I hadn't forgotten, see?
Do I win the "big fat nerd" award?
Happy mid-week, folks!

Saturday, August 18, 2007


I now have not one, but two new paintings to upload into the shop. Now I just need some free time and enough daylight to do so and I'm all set. You can see this little beauty that I'm oh-so-proud of (don't I always say that though?)... A continuation in the paper collage and transparent glazes I've been experimenting with. I clipped out a piece of old newspaper and collaged it to this 5x7" canvas panel. Then, as I began to lay down my paint glazes of a circus tent, I found a so-perfect-it's-eery paragraph in the text that describes the costumes of some sort of performance group. So, of course, I had to leave that portion unpainted. How unexpected and utterly cool.

I also got a bit of a haircut the other day for my upcoming trip. It reaches just barely above my shoulder and has this great late 60s/early 70s shag look and feel to it with my intensely thick curls. I really like it (though I'm sure I'm the only one who can tell I got it cut--don't you just hate that?). It always feels so...refreshing to get hair lobbed off. The next time I get it cut I'm gonna do a nice and short style--kinda 30s like. I always pump myself up to get it cut that short and then I get last-minute doubts and the hairdresser always ends up leaving it longer, thinking I'll ball my eyes out if it's cut too short (...which just might happen). One day though, it'll happen.
The yellow jacket is from Target, of all places (got it last winter on sale). And then I just recently snagged these super cool green and white leather boat shoes from Lands End (on sale for $30!). I love them so. The next few days will be busy busy busy. Besides work and uploading new work into the shop, I'm going out on Tuesday night to my favorite comic book shop in Seattle with friends from work and then we're getting drinks and eating out at a fancy schmancy Thai place over there afterwords. Comic books AND Thai food? Oh I am SO there.
Happy trails, peeps!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A Spot Of Tea

While at work last week, I painted up a Life Aquatic themed teapot for my abode. It's really quite silly how obsessed I am with that movie. It certainly doesn't help any that one of my dear friends/coworkers is equally obsessed with the film. But I just couldn't help it. We got these amazing genie-styled teapots in stock this month and the first thing that popped in my brain was, "Oh my god! It's the Deep Search mini sub from Life Aquatic!". On this side you can see Ned, Steve, and Jane. The other side contains Eleanor, Klaus, and Ali. Ah. Mission accomplished.
Forgot to mention in my last post that I bought one of the highly-coveted yellow birdy teacups from Anthropologie while in Portland. Haven't gotten the chance to use it yet, but I have it placed ever-so in my kitchen, begging me to slow down a tad and drink a cup of tea. By far, my favorite teacup I own.
I've been feeling so depressed/guilty this week because I haven't done any painting for the past couple of weeks due to all the happenings. Tonight was proclaimed as "creative night", so I grabbed my double-shot mocha from Starbucks at 7pm, prepared my canvas & wood, uncapped the paint tubes, cranked up the iPod, and finally...began. It's amazing how that just voided out all my anxieties and guilty feelings. I feel relieved, calm, and so, so much better. This little floating eyeball was finished in a mere hour--he's waiting for some varnish and ribbon and then will be up for grabs in Le Shop (yes! Promise!). I'm quite smitten with it. I had made a list of objects I wanted to paint floating in the clouds, a'la Surrealists and Magritte, and an eyeball was at the tip-top. Love painting 'dem eyeballs...
Nothing's better than paint-covered hands:
And the big BIG news?

I'm going to England next month! It's such a spur-of-the-moment thing and I'm so SO excited. I couldn't find anyone able to go with me, but my dear mum got some free air-time from her credit card and it just happened to collide with my urge to visit the UK. So, I bought my plane ticket, and have been frantically reserving rooms in London, Blackpool, and Edinburgh. The majority of the trip will be spent in London and Edinburgh, with a day in Blackpool and a day in Liverpool (being a big Beatles fan, I've got to make the pilgrimage). It's gonna be killer! A quickie of a trip--only 9 days 'cause dude. The UK is hella expensive. It's funny how this trip will cost just as much (if not more) as my 2 1/2 week trek through Italy. Damn you, pesky worthless American dollar.

Okay. The paint beckons me. Good night, kiddos!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Why, hello there...

Dear lord.

Sorry about the drop-off-the-face-of-the-planet thing. It began with Harry Potter, which I finished in a flurry of reading (and man it was good...'cept for that blasted epilogue. Dude. Who really writes epilogues anymore?), and then life just kinda took over. A general rundown of things I've done, seen, created, experienced, and planned proceeds.
1) Movies I've recently seen since I last spoke with you all: I watched Match Point last night and thought it actually quite good. Totally took me off guard because it was mostly a romance...and then the suspense picks up halfway through and you get a little weirded out by the main character and then the last half of the film was just brilliantly done. A romance-suspense-murder film. Kinda Talented Mr. Ripley (which I just love). Also saw Perfume, which I was dying to see in theaters this year but alas, none of them around here decided to show it. What an amazing flick. Alluring and creepy, beautiful score, splendid cinematography (really splendid), and just all around well done.
2) New stuff in the shop: Introducing....print rings! I currently have about 5 different cropped print designs turned into the most adorable rings you've ever set eyes on. I'm madly in love with these, and apparently others are as well because they are flying off the shelves. I originally made these just for sale for the upcoming holiday show, but caved in and began listing 'em in the shop too. Something tells me I need to reorder ring bases...

3) Holiday craft show: I applied for the Urban Craft Uprising Seattle holiday show and am waiting to hear back on whether or not I'm in. I really hope so because I so want to do this show. It looks like an utter blast, and I can easily afford to do it (unlike Bumbershoot, which I'd love to do, but just don't have enough moohlah around for that one). This would be my first show and I'm oodles of excited! I have at least three souls from work that are eagerly hoping to help work my booth with me during the show and convinced a couple other peeps to sign up as well. When I find out more about it, and whether or not I'm in, I'll give ya all the details.

4) Portland rocks my socks: Spent 3 days in Oregon for a friend's wedding and decided if I had to sit through a Catholic mass wedding for 3 hours plus a traditional reception that I easily deserved a getaway in Portland. It was awesome. I loooovvvveeee Portland. I love Seattle, and always will, but exploring Portland on foot (it's a mess trying to drive in that city) made me realize how Seattle can be a and stuffy on occasion. Portland is so relaxed and easy-going and the public transportation there is crazy good. And rent is actually affordable. I may move down there in the near future.

Ok. I have emails to write, coffee to drink, orders to pack, food to eat, and films to watch. Take it easy, my good friends!