Saturday, January 12, 2013

Mail Art Freebies!

Late last night I got out the glue, scissors, and random found paper bits and made some collage postcards. I love the free form, subconscious flow of collage, especially after long hours of very detailed and planned painting. It's a great break and opens up my eyes to different compositions and visual plays. I like to grab random bits of old papers and put them together, puzzle-fashion, until something serendipitous happens.

To make these even more random and fun, I then grabbed my anthology of Edgar Allen Poe short stories, randomly flipped to a page, blindly pointed to a sentence, and wrote it on the back of the postcard. What's neat about doing this is sometimes the words actually match up with the collage image on the front, in some sort of universal "meant to be" way. Pretty cool.

Anyway! I'm slapping stamps on these and mailing them each away to 7 folks--all you have to do is comment on this post and then send me a private message or email (eggmanstudios at with your mailing address. The first 7 to do this will get their mailboxes fed with mail art! Anyone, whether in the US or abroad, can participate too. I will randomly select the postcards to mail to the winners, so it will be a surprise when you get it in the mail.

Each one is a unique, original, collage postcard that is signed/dated on the back with elegant words by Poe. And as with all mail art, the marks, stamps, and smudges they receive along their travels through the post are part of the art making process. Mysterious and fun!

Have a lovely weekend!

Monday, January 07, 2013

In The Midnight Glen

A little late, but...Happy New Year! I'm very excited about the year to come. Are you? 2013 is just such a good number. I've been drawing, stitching, painting, and plotting for a little online shop update, which will likely be some time this month or the beginning of February. I have a variety of things up my sleeve and can't wait to unveil them. For now though, you'll have to be satisfied with a working shot of a teeny tiny painted ghost deer...