Thursday, August 24, 2006

Hmmm...Gift Tags?

The holidays are coming up and I'm scrambling to get more pieces put together for the shop. I'm also beginning to cap off my custom request list so I can focus on some newer designs. Probably next month I'll put a hold to all customs and tell everyone to wait until January for any custom work. It just gets way to exhausting.

I'm also throwing around the idea for some paper-related things to go in my shop for the holiday season--you know, for a little added variety and exposure. My pieces are all polymer clay jewelry and accessories, but I do a ton of painting and drawing in my freetime as well (I mean, hell, I'm the friggin' Art Director for a ceramic studio--I'm around paint all day long), so I thought it may be fun to offer up some hand-drawn gift tags for the holidays and such. That way, people can purchase my jewlery (which already comes in killer hand-painted boxes, by the way...) and attach some cute little gift tags to go with them for presents. Cuz, a pretty little box without a hand-drawn squid gift tag is no gift at all. End of story.

Okay, back to work I go.

Monday, August 14, 2006

A 70s Kickback

Duuuude....They're, like, lava lamps or something.

Why, yes. Yes, they are. But they're also earrings, and that's way cooler.

Check these bad boys out. I sculpted mini versions of those awesome glowing lamps you'd sit and stare at for hours in your parents' basement while being stoned out of your bloody mind. The "lava" in these lamps is stationary, but still has that fluid look like the originals we all love. I also added the magenta freshwater pearl drops below to make 'em more fun and dangly. As if wearing lava lamps from your ears wasn't fun enough.

Yes! They are still available and are just $14 in the store.

Sunday, August 13, 2006


Now that I'm pretty much all caught up on custom orders, I can focus on stocking up my depleted store. The holidays are approaching quickly, and I know I'll get hammered if I don't get some more items listed soon.

Every year I switch gears into Halloween-mode way too early. Usually happens in July, but this year it's a little later in August, and now I'm in full-swing Halloween frenzy. My sketchbook pages are filled with Halloween ideas and doodles. It's by far one of my most favorite holidays.

Be on the lookout for some cool Halloween-inspired pieces in the shop soon. I have a bunch of realistic pumpkin charms that I'm beginning to list (and at only $4 a pop, you can't go wrong) and they're so adorable! Lopsided and dirty, just like the reject pumpkins nobody wants.