Sunday, August 13, 2006


Now that I'm pretty much all caught up on custom orders, I can focus on stocking up my depleted store. The holidays are approaching quickly, and I know I'll get hammered if I don't get some more items listed soon.

Every year I switch gears into Halloween-mode way too early. Usually happens in July, but this year it's a little later in August, and now I'm in full-swing Halloween frenzy. My sketchbook pages are filled with Halloween ideas and doodles. It's by far one of my most favorite holidays.

Be on the lookout for some cool Halloween-inspired pieces in the shop soon. I have a bunch of realistic pumpkin charms that I'm beginning to list (and at only $4 a pop, you can't go wrong) and they're so adorable! Lopsided and dirty, just like the reject pumpkins nobody wants.

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