Friday, June 13, 2008

A Somewhat Long Post of Random Bits 'n Bobs

Well hello, my dears.

I am here. Yes. A whole lot of show-scheming has been going on and this week also marked my 24th birthday! Dang. It's just a random number, nothing special, and I'm not much of a birthday person, but it's been so nice to spend some time with the family and see good friends for coffee or lunch this week. Quite lovely. I love you guys!

And, I've ordered a canopy tent for the August show. Finally. I literally spent the past two weeks agonizing over canopy options. There are *so* many different tent brands and ghastly horror stories and differing price ranges (all over the board)...I became overwhelmed pretty quickly.

In the end, I finally decided to get a Caravan Canopy from these guys. And hopefully, that will be the end of that. Big expenses like that are always such a pain to decide over.
Also, got a new pair of headphones for music enjoyment! I love 'em. Big, retro, pretty stylish, and sound good too. And, the most important bit, is they don't hurt my ears after having them on for 3 hours while painting (thumbs up!).A whole lot of sketching has been taking place in the evenings...Working out painting designs and a collection of work for the August show. But sometimes, I can't help but draw a little bit of geeky fan art....such as this Margot Tenenbaum sketch.

And I'm working on a sketch for a Death Cab poster-style painting. Just 'cause. I seem to have a hard time finding really neat (and affordable...) posters for that band, so I thought I'd just make my own (...which sounds so terribly geeky now that I've typed it out, but, well, there you are). It'll be for my own collection, but if it turns out cool enough, who knows.And, speaking of band concert posters, I just ordered this one of the Decemberists (I guess you could say it was a b-day splurge for myself). I can't wait to get it in the post!Alrighty. I have a date with some Indy dvds... It just feels like a Raiders of the Lost Ark sort of night. Happy Friday the 13th everyone!

Friday, June 06, 2008

The Museum Of Lost Limbs

Just a quickie from me today...After a two-week hiatus, the Friday 15 sketch is back! This one was just put into the shop a minute ago. I've been doing a whole lot of sketching as of late and really wanted to do a minimalistic black/white piece, hence this sketch. I may do a series of paintings in this vein--we shall see if anything materializes.

Happy weekend, everyone!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

The Fall

I just found out about this film today through a friend of mine and after viewing the trailer, I'm *incredibly* amped to see it (too bad it's on an extremely limited release...grrr). It's directed by Tarsem Singh, the same guy who directed The Cell, which I feel like the only person on the planet to have liked. I truly think Tarsem is a visual mastermind.

Anyway, I had to share! It looks to be a visual feast for the creative soul. The costumes! The colors (oh lord, the colors)! The compositions!

Yes, I am very excited indeed.