Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Good Things

Why, hello October. You sure are a welcome sight for sore eyes. Glad to see you've arrived. Finally.

Lots of little things to mention, including this new print that's up for grabs in the shop:
It's from that collaboration project I told you guys about a while back. I love the mixed-media painting itself, but damn does it ever look good in print form. I think I'll keep one for myself and toss it in a neat frame.

And speaking of frames...
I nabbed these from a local antique store last week for practically nothing (seriously. I got all of 'em for only $20--and that biggun will hold an 8x10 painting AND it's already wired! Double score!). I'm a nutcase for vintage and antique frames. I have a ton of frames (both new and old) lying about that need paintings in them. I get thrilled looking at them even if they don't have anything in them. And these ones are just so perfect. While the biggun will, more than likely, be staying with me, I have plans for the other three and they WILL be for sale. You can count on that. Will let you know the details once I actually get some paintings whipped up for 'em.Here's some other arty goods hangy up about the house.
Above we have a neat vintage ship printed on wood (I'm so happy I bought this. I smile every time I walk past it). And below we have a framed mushroom card I bought in Bath while trekking around England. The frame is one of those cheapo frames from Joanns for only a few bucks. They really are crappy--not even cut straight. But I found that after I aged 'em a bit with sandpaper and make them look like they're SUPPOSED to be flawed, then they looked pretty cool (mind you, my picture-taking skills here are quite ridiculous).
Oh! Just tonight I threw a couple
hand-painted drawer pulls up for sale in the shop:
I'm destashing my mess of a studio and, while I never sell my ceramic pieces, thought it was time to let these go. I've had them for a year now and they're still not on a drawer or cabinet. Just no time and no cool desk for them to adorn.

And, as a head's-up, it's official. I'll be at the Urban Craft Uprising holiday show in Seattle on December 1st & 2nd. If you live in the Pacific Northwest, be sure to stop by my booth and say hi! It'll be my first show, so I'm horribly excited and nervous at the same time. Should be oodles of fun, though. Now I just need to do massive prep for it. Oy vey.


Marjorie said...

Oooh! I love your new print....and the frames.....and, and.....oh!! birdy drawer pulls!! Delightful, indeed!! :)

Eggman Studios said...

Thanks, Marjorie! :)