Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Heeled Oxfords Love Glittery Seahorses

Good evening, dear chaps!
I had forgotten to show you my shoes from Edinburgh. I blew my entire souvenir budget on these darlings but it was worth it and I'm in utter love with them. My wardrobe is such a mish-mash of cheapo Target staples, Gap sales rack, the occasional Macy's skirt and blouse, and then a few pairs of expensive shoes. It never ceases to amaze me how you can be dressed nearly entirely in non-expensive clothes but have on that one pricey and awesome purse/jacket/pair of shoes that make everything look dang expensive and chic. I like to mix it up a bit like that. Anyway, the shoes are entirely leather with a stacked wooden heel. They came with absolutely *no* traction, which was a problem. Can't have that, now can we? But instead of going to a cobbler, which are hard to find now-a-days and expensive when you DO find one, I bought a pair of stick-on traction pads from the drugstore for the bottoms. Discreet and keep me from falling like an idiot.

I'm also glad to inform you that the painting is done and marvelous! I'm loading it into the shop for sale tomorrow, October 11th, so keep a keen eye out if you want to jump on it.
The seahorses are nearing the end of their transformation, and this one happened to beat the lot and is snugly sleeping in its packaging. They've been glitterized and are currently being strung on ribbon with silver beads as ultra stylish ornaments. And they're black, so they really look awesome hung anywhere at anytime (I have plans on hanging some from my dining room chandelier for Halloween!). More than likely, some will get listed in the shop by Friday this week. And oodles will be available at the December show, which I am busily preparing myself for...

I leave this very red-themed post with another red object from recent travels:
Enjoy your evening! Hope it includes a dvd, warm fire, and some munchies...

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