Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Candy Wrappers As Art

I'm always on the lookout for neat things that inspire me to create. And when I find said objects, I hoard them like a magpie. Grocery stores are like treasure boxes filled to the brim with endless illustrations and neat packages. Whenever I go out to buy another loaf of bread, I always end up in the gourmet candy aisle, scoping out designs and cool packages that catch my eye.

This candybar caught my eye on the last trip. I love the illustration (and there's a whole series of these bars, each with a different mind-numbingly beautiful illustration) and the fact that it was a Chai Tea chocolate bar completely cinched the deal. Okay, so it was $4--big deal. Look what I got because of it! A gorgeous wrapper that's getting framed and some kick-ass chocolate. A win-win situation, folks.

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