Monday, December 04, 2006

Christmas List

After the constant urging of family members, I put together a little Christmas list of stuff they could get me if they felt like it. Honestly, I don't really want anything. I'm happy just to see everyone (and my brother will be home for Christmas this year--yea!), but I also don't want to be a royal pain in the ass when it comes to buying gifts. I know all too well how hard it can be to figure out the perfect gift for someone that doesn't want or need anything. So, here's my list:

* "Gregory Crewdson"--a collection of photographs and production images of his photographs from 1985-2005. Probably one of my all-time favorite photographers. He has such a wonderful surreal/dream-like/cinema look to his images and I love the amount of thought and work that goes into making them. I know that seeing them in a book pales in comparison to seeing them in real-life (you can't squish all that awesome detail down onto an 11x10" page) but it'll have to do and is head-over-heels better than drooling over a pixelated internet version.

* "Twilight: Photographs by Gregory Crewdson"--all 40 plates from the Twilight photo series by Crewdson. Love 'em all.

* "Castaways and Cutouts" by The Decemberists--I. Love. This. Band. What I love even more is that a lot of people surprisingly still don't know who they are. I have all the other albums, but ran out of money when it came to buy this one.

* "Notes from the Underworld" by Persephone's Bees--Such a happy, sing-along, get-stuck-in-your-head cd. I'm sure everyone's heard them by know from the commercials, but there's so many other awesomely good songs on this album that haven't been hyped up yet.

* "Pirates of the Carribean II"--doesn't everyone have this on their holiday list this year?

* "El Mariachi"--I already own Desperado and Once Upon a Time in Mexico (which I love dearly), but the first flick in the series is harder to come by. It's not in any of the stores near me.

* "Pulp Fiction"--I love this movie but don't own it yet, and it's shameful. I'm extremely embarassed.

* "The Red Violin"--for some reason, the Best Buy near me doesn't have this in stock and hasn't for the past year. It's such a great film and I'd love to own it.


* vintage black typwriter--saw my dream typwriter at a nearby antique store but, alas, it was $40 and I didn't have enough money to buy it. Seemed like a little too much to spend on one...But it's so gorgeous! I'd just want to sit it on an end table and stare at it all day.


And so, those are the items I came up with. I'm giving almost everyone I know handpainted pottery this year. Mugs, cups and saucers, chip & dip plates... They all turned out great too! Couldn't be more thrilled.

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