Friday, May 04, 2007

Ye Couch Hath Arrived

Ooh! I'm so diggin' it too! Please mind my silly photo--I rarely take pictures of myself as I always feel so awkward. Yes, the couch was quite the blow to my credit card and yes, the pattern makes your eyes bulge with all the optical illusion-ness but oh how I love it so. It's not too soft (a *huge* couch pet peeve of mine--give me a hard couch over one that sucks me into its darkest bowels any day) and the dark walnut wood legs are the perfect match--I'm very glad I spent the extra moohlah to get the wooden legs. The only thing I have to worry about are my two white kitties (see Snowflake, aka "the queen", below--she's turning 16 this year). Both have outgrown their furniture scratching phase, thank god, but still love to hang out on the furniture. I guess this means it's time to get a throw or something to ward off cat hair. On the plus side though, unlike some of my other furniture, the fabric on this couch seems to coexist nicely with the cat hair--meaning I can easily get it off with a lint brush. And in this house, that means a lot.

I've been painting up a storm today too. I suppose the typical Northwest spring days (pouring cats and dogs one minute, sun breaks the next) get me in the creative spirit. Currently working on another sea critter painting--this time of deep sea tube worms. Oh what a nerd am I. I worked on a nicely painted polka dot background for it last week only to come to the realization when I was done that, no, it just would not do. That's the worst feeling. Two hours of painting, all down the tube. So, today I repainted the background and am so happy I did--it looks way better.

Also bought a couple books recently--"The Walmart Effect" and "Brave New World" (my favorite book, but alas, I've never owned a copy). Can't wait to dig into 'em!

Here's to a happy, creative, and exciting weekend for all!

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