Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Tag, You're It!

As mentioned earlier, I've been tagged, so I'm gonna let out 7 things about myself that you don't yet know about. This should be fun...

How To:
1.List seven random facts/habits about yourself
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Here we go:
1) I have super thick, curly hair. When I was young, I was convinced that I had straight hair and brushed all the waves and curls out every day to force it to be straight. The result? A long, thick, frizzy mess. When I look at pictures of myself from back then, I find it terribly embarrassing. It wasn't until I was in high school that the little light bulb went on and I realized that whoa, my hair was curly. I've been living with it and loving it ever since.

2) I collect many things but one of my favorites is my collection of autographs. I have a nice binder filled with them and it's always fun to flip through it. I've since stopped, as I have too many other interests. Most of the ones I have are from, I kid you not, Star Wars actors and production artists (yes, Star Wars will always have a special place in my heart). And I even have one from Peter Jackson, from many many years ago--I had written him a long letter about my dream of doing art for films and he actually wrote me back a very inspiring letter about WETA. It's really neat.

3) One of my greatest phobias is a complicated fear of water depth. It's weird... I'm not necessarily afraid of deep water, I'm afraid of objects that poke up from the seafloor (or poke down from the water surface) and visually give me an idea as to how deep it is. I have no problem swimming in the middle of the ocean (and have done this many times despite the cold Pacific) but if there's a piling right there? No freakin' way. Swimming next to pilings scares the living bejesus out of me. It's all rather odd because my dad used to live on a sailboat and I lived a good portion of my childhood on boats, yet there ya go. Another interesting note? My brother has the exact same phobia as me.

4) My career dream is to work in the creative art department at a movie studio--drawing, painting and sculpting my ideas for their latest films. I've always worshipped Industrial Light & Magic.

5) I don't really like ice cream.

6) I have an odd love/fascination for the common slug. Perhaps because everyone hates them and thinks they're slimy and gross. I think they're utterly adorable and have been known to pick them up (despite the looks of ghastly horror I often get).

7) I'm a very shy person and don't make friends easily. Although I'm very nice and friendly, it takes me a while to really get to know someone and feel comfortable enough to trust them. I really wish I were more outgoing.

Okay! There you are. Now I'm supposed to pick 7 other bloggers to tag... Here's my list:

And now I'm off to do a bit of painting and varnish some walrus charms...


Rachel said...

since when have you ever had a fascination for slugs? Ew. btw, useful that you have an unusual name. :)

Eggman Studios said...

Hey, it's my Austrian buddy! :) I actually had a couple pet slugs when I was a kid (bet ya didn't know THAT!). I kept them in a large mason jar and fed them leaves. Don't think they lived very long (though, I beleive they lasted longer then the pet potato bugs did...).