Friday, May 18, 2007

Printer Woes...

Oh god. It's that time again. Yes, siree.

I'm on the hunt for a new photo printer.

This is easily one of my *least* favorite things to do in the whole wide world. Printers are a lot like real human beings that you have a serious relationship with. And you go through all those emotional highs and lows with 'em as well. There's lots of giddiness and excitement when you get the thing in the beginning and it's perfect, and there's also lots of screaming and arguing later on down the road (it never fails). Tears of sadness along with big, proud smiles. I've hit every emotion with printers and in every way possible, I find that I really do have a relationship with them. I wish they just always worked beautifully and never had any problems (kinda like the perfect man). Sigh. Tis not the real world though...

Anyway, despite my touch-and-go luck with Epsons, I'm getting another. I know all about the weak printer head issues and clogged nozzles Epsons get if not used regularly (which is, in fact, why I have to buy a new one) but I tell ya, the print quality on those buggers is beyond amazing. Beats my old HPs over the head with a stick (no--a baseball bat). And I've found that it's all in the papers. Shell out the biggo bucks on nice, Epson paper and you won't be sorry.

I've nailed it down to the Epson r1800, which has amazing reviews for its price. I'll be buying through B&H, my absolute fave camera/digital store. They have great prices, splendid service, and bottom of the heap shipping (free for my printer). The printer is a large-format one that can print up to 13x19" (hoorah!).

So what does this mean for you?

Prints! At long last, I'll finally be able to sell some prints of my artwork in varying sizes on bloody-amazing museum-quality paper. I wrestled with myself for the longest time about whether I'd do the prints myself vs. getting them done through a print shop. In the end though, I'd rather just do them myself as I'm very finicky about colors and print quality. This way I can run test prints affordably 'til I get the perfect colors.

I'm super excited! I have to wait a while before getting it as I can't afford the whole thing yet (I'll be buying the expensive paper with it, which will easily add on another $100) but soon. Very soon.

And, I do believe I'll have a couple new goodies for the shop tomorrow (at long last). Stay tuned!

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Rachel said...

i gave my brother my printer. But it wasn't ever the same after I dropped it on the ground when I was taking it to school. Oops.