Tuesday, May 08, 2007

More Spring Cleaning Finds

More random spring cleaning findings. I love stumbling across things that I've completely forgotten about. This time, I've completely reorganized my computer area. My four boxes of books that had been hanging out in the garage for over a year now are currently empty of their contents and all the books are sitting pretty above me. I mixed in a bunch of smallish clay figurines I had made many moons ago and the effect is a colorful bit of eclectic chaos. Me likey very much.

Anywho, I next moved onto the ever-so-daunting task of cleaning out my computer files (yes, even computers need a dose of spring cleaning). Once I got going, it was actually quite fun. I found a folder of files containing all sorts of odds 'n ends for my grad school application I sent out a year ago (ended up not going, but I'm actually seriously debating whether or not I should apply again and go through with it...). The top scan you see is of a page of real quickie kitty and doggy poses I sketched out a good deal ago. I just love looking at old sketches!

Below you'll find a sculpture I did in college based on a character sketch I made up on a whim. Her name is Agatha and she lives in the year 2121, hence her futuristic, protective copper dress (complete with old, patina screws and joints). She's also blind and relies on her trusty dog (a robodog, of course!) to help her get around.
Kinda goofy and fun but I really love her. She's about 5" tall and is completely made of clay, which was then painted. She can actually stand up on her own, since I built her a nice armature, but due to her *cough* rather rotundness, she's very prone to keeling over. One of these days I need to get her stationed down on a stable base or something.

Also, I've been tagged by Marmee Craft to divulge 7 deep, dark secrets about myself, but I've gotta think about this for a day or two (the pressure! oh, the pressure!).
Good days ahead for everyone, I hope! :)

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