Wednesday, May 16, 2007

A Painting Date

I'm working the evening shift today at the studio, which means I've been painting this morning and am looking forward to a coffee outing a little later with my mom (coffee meets are the best, are they not?).

Usually while I paint I have either the tv on for white noise (limited cable for me, so it's usually on the channel that plays MASH 24-7. And I've actually grown a bit fond of the show...Sad, no?), a movie I've seen a dozen times playing (Star Wars, Harry Potter, and Pirates of the Carribean work really well for this), or my trusty iPod attached to my ears. Today I painted the background shadows on my latest painting of a snail wandering amongst a gang of lollipops. Thus, I had your hero and mine, Stravinsky, going in the background. "Rite of Spring" has always been one of my favorites, and it really makes excellent shadow-painting music.
In the upper corner you can even see my green painting swamp water--yummy... I often get too lazy to clean out my painting water because I get so absorbed... The smaller wood plaque in the bottom right corner will eventually hang underneath this painting for an added punch (just like the eyeball & peppermints painting done a while back, which I have yet to assemble).

I've also begun lining the paintings up on the mantle to get a feel of how they're looking together and for general unity. It makes me happy seeing them hanging out like that.

Lastly, I thought I'd part with a look at the photo wall collage I set up recently in my livingroom.

It's so fun staring at old photos...The old wooden framed ones are two of my fave old family pics I own. The left one is of my grandmother and the bottom right one is of my great aunt. Mixed in are a handful of old images from the 70s of my dad (he looks so young here!) and my mom, being cute as always, along with a couple of myself and my brother when we were youngins. There's also couple pet shots and views of Seattle and the Hood Canal in the 70s (my, how times have changed...).

Time for coffee! :)

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