Friday, April 27, 2007

Mr. Nautilus Says "Why, Hello!"

The finished nautilus painting! I'm very pleased (very difficult to see all the details in this pic--I'm hoping to eventually get prints done of these so that I won't be the only nerd with some nautilus art on my walls). Ya know, there just ain't enough nautilus artwork out there. I was telling some folks at work about my sea critter painting series I've been working on and how this past week I've been painting up a nautilus. I got the oddest looks. "Nautilus? Just what the hell is that?" Sigh. Needless to say, a long nature lecture took place that same day between me and my coworkers. I am proud to inform you all that they are now more than educated on all things cephalopod.

On the movie front, I just received Adaptation in the mail and will be watching it with glee tonight (I love this movie--is there some reason why I don't own it yet?). And I just found out that Pan's Labyrinth will be available on dvd next month! Waves of excitement!

Tomorrow I'll be attending the local farmer's market and then will work a late shift at the ceramic studio. But Sunday is lookin' mighty fine for a nice painting and general art day. I can't wait!

Thank you guys for the sweet comments on the pirate update. I'm convinced that pirates will never go out of style (and it's a damn good thing, too). Here's to a lovely weekend all-around!