Sunday, April 22, 2007

Countdown To Pirate Overload!

So, tomorrow's the big day... Pirates! I've been busy creating lots of pirate-themed goodies to list and it looks like I'll have quite the assortment for tomorrow. Charms, stud earrings, a hand-drawn necklace I'm so thrilled with (you can see it halfway done in the photo above--and yes, it's double-sided! You'll have to check out the listing to see detailed shots and the other side), a dangly skeleton pin (not quite put together in the photo--he's currently a pile 'o bones waiting to get varnished and assembled), arty jolly rodger gold composite leaf pendant, a mini empty rum bottle pendant (complete with attached itty bitty crab!), and even a painting. You can see the beginnings of the mini painting in the photo. It'll have a stylized ship, aged for a vintage-y look, and a lovely ribbon hanger tied on so you can hang it on a wall, rear view mirror, or this year's Christmas tree. Whew! Also, Pirates of the Caribbean III comes out next month in theaters (yes!)--not that my update and the movie are related or anything. No siree...
I must say, even with all the sculpting and creating goings on around here, I've been a painting fool this past week as well (which might be the reason as to why I'm finally beginning to offer up some teeny original paintings in the shop). Just the other day I completed a neato 8x10" squid painting on hardboard and I'm quite smitten with it. It's now varnished and hanging pretty in a yummy white frame I picked up at Joann's earlier.

In the works is the next painting in the series--a nautilus! And of course, he's on a delicious pink and cream stripe background. I love combining odd critters and subjects with elegant, innocent, and sweet designs. I have the background completed and just need to get to work on painting that nautilus. And then, my favorite part, the gentle aging... One of these days, I'll have to get some prints done of these (alas, my current printer just ain't quite cut out for detailed art prints--but a nice printer is definitely on my "need to buy" list).

Thought I'd also share a ceramic plate I just did down at work. I did it the same day as my squid acrylic painting--massive squiddy inspiration that day I guess. Above you can see the rough pencil sketch on the plate, and below is the finished plate--ready for a big slice of cake!

That's all for now. I think it's time for a nice coffee break... I hope everyone's weekend has gone smoothly and I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow at the shop for some pirate mayhem!

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