Friday, April 13, 2007

Themed Updates

I hope everyone's Easter weekend went well. I went and saw Grindhouse on Easter day (which I find somewhat hilarious). The movie(s) was awesome and so fun! There's so few films out there where the experience of seeing the movie is given just as much thought as the movie itself. Brilliant.

I'm currently working out some new designs for the ol' shop and am toying around with the idea of, I kid you not, themed updates. Every couple of weeks I'll list a bunch of new goodies that go along with the same theme. I think it'll be kinda fun and exciting (or, at least, I hope so). You know how I am though, we'll see how long this idea can last. I've begun compiling a list in my sketchbook of possible update themes (I'm a mega list-maker--that's how most of my creations begin). The first one I'll be doing? Pirates! I've already got a hand-drawn necklace in the works to go with the theme and I must say, tis lookin' good.

The little kitty charm you see above will be listed in the shop on Sunday. He's such a cutie!

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