Sunday, February 04, 2007

Painting And Movies. Does It Get Much Better?

Ahem. I am still here, just busily cranking out artwork and overall being inspired.

As many of you already know, I currently work at a ceramic studio (which rocks by the way....just doesn't pay so well). I spend many an hour down there painting away squid and octopus and other oddly random things on plates and bowls. But then I realised recently that I haven't done a whole lot of painting at home. You know. "Real" paintings. Like on canvas or wood or something. I used to do a whole lot when I was in college, but now that I've got this job at a painting studio, I guess the whole painting-on-plates thing sucks it all outta me by the time I get home. So, to greatly remedy this, I've decided to limit my painting at the ceramic studio and instead focus all that creative painting urge on my acrylic paintings. And maybe someday this year get enough works done to do a show or something.

...Or, at least that's the general idea. So far so good. I've done two nice paintings these past few days and I'm quite smitten with both. My painting style is a little hard to pull off in ceramics, but once I pulled out those acrylics again, it was like the world stopped spinning and I was home again. I promise to post pics soon.

Also, saw Pan's Labyrinth I absolutely LOVED it. I had read so many reviews from random people that were dissapointed in the film and its violence that I was a little scared to see it. I mean, I had been looking forward to this movie for months--I just couldn't bear the thought that it would be dissapointing. And for all of you who haven't seen it yet in fear of the same thing--stop. Buy tickets and go see it. Right now. It is so marvelous. And honestly, the violence is nothing (nothing!) compared to some of the movies I've seen lately. It's more "suggested" violence. If I can live through the violence in movies like "Audition", I think I can handle almost anything.

And speaking of Asian flicks, I also saw Sympathy For Lady Vengeance this past week. It's the sequel to Oldboy and the third and final movie in the Chan Wook Park "revenge trilogy". Wonderful film--story wise and visually. I knew I'd love it from the second the opening title sequence rolled (don't you love it when that happens?). However, the film's score took the cake for me. After I had finished watching the movie, I immediately went online in a one-track mission to hunt down the soundtrack for my own. But, much to my dismay, it was not to be found. Anywhere. But wait! I stumbled across the film's official website and what do I get? The entire soundtrack downloadable. For free. Free!! If you love film scores and/or classical music as much as I, get over there and download it for yourself (it's under the "media" section). Your ears and ipod will thank you for it.

Back to more painting I go. Haven't done any claywork this past week--I guess I'm just having way too much fun painting. But never fear, more clay goodies are a'comin as well.

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