Friday, February 16, 2007

I Want a Felt Typewriter.

Looks like next week--probably on Monday or Tuesday--I'll start loading da new goods into the shop. Woohoo! New stuff! Also finally designed my business cards and sent the files off for printing (god, I'm so embarassed it's seriously taken me this long to get business cards).

Bought The Science of Sleep on dvd a couple days ago (dvds are my crack--it's getting pretty bad) and watched it last night. I LOVED it. Michel Gondry is like God, in my humble opinion. The fact that he creates amazing effects and scenes with nothing more than stuff you find in your own house (be it a 75 watt bulb, tons of empty toilet paper tubes, or celephane) is enough to make me weep with giddiness. His work is so, so inspirational for me. And I love that his big thing is stop-motion animation (which beats the pants off CGI). Ah, good flick.

And so, while I was watching it, I couldn't help but gaze lovingly at all the handmade goodies in the movie. Lots of crazy props sewn from felt--a typewriter, horse, boat, eyeglasses.... Once the movie was done, I had to find out who made all those nifty felt creations. Her name is Lauri Faggioni. I went on her
site (still under construction, I'm afraid) and unearthed these insanely cool fabric jellyfish in mason jars. How amazing are these?!

If I ever get the courage, I'm so gonna try my hand at a couple for display in my own apartment. Little fabric specimens, suspended for all to see. Purely magical.

Have a great weekend, guys!

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