Monday, February 12, 2007

Some Nearly-Finished Paintings

As promised, here's a few pics (ugh, not very good ones, mind you, but pics just the same) of the paintings I've been working on lately. I tend to have an odd sense of humor/dramaticism in my artwork that tends to surprise people (I think mostly because I'm so small, shy and sweet looking). I guess when a girl paints candy and eyeballs together it can raise eyebrows. These are all just about finished, minus the varnishing and assembly.

I really like this piece. But, then again, I also really really like crows. This was a quickie--not a lot of planning went into it. And painting on these wooden plaques is so much fun. A nice relatively cheap substrate to paint on that adds an over-the-top dramatic effect that I like.

This piece will be a multi-dimensional 2-part hanging painting. I bought the neatest candycane striped ribbon that will attach the two paintings and hang down to over-emphasize the innocent sweetshop feel I'm goin' for here. I have a couple more in this peppermint series (which I've dubbed the "Slaughterhouse Sweetshop") to do. These are pretty small paintings--the peppermint and eyeball plaque is less than a foot wide. I just love working really tiny!

And the last one. Not quite finished--after varnishing, I'll glue the buttons down and throw in the clockworks for a nice obscure little clock. This picture is so, so bad, but it at least gives you the general idea and look of the piece. I have a bit of an...obsession...with clouds.

Well, the grand plan for these next couple of days I have off from work is to get lots of claywork done. I have a list (gotta have a list) of stuff I need to buy, places I need to go, and pieces I need to sculpt. I'm itching to get crackin' on some fun new jewelry designs. Lots of color, lots of cuteness, I'm thinkin' some new fruity designs, and yes, clouds (among other designs, of course). I'll keep ya posted on the progress.

Happy Monday, everyone!


Rachel said...

I love the eye/candy stuff!

Eggman Studios said...

Hey thanks! :)