Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Ciao! *Weep*

I know I just recently went on a killer trip to Italy 4 months ago, but lately I've had that insane craving to go back (the above pic is one I took of Vernazza in the Cinque Terre). They say you make one trip to Europe and you get the travel bug--bad. I've been to Hawaii a couple times, Mexico, Honduras, and all over the bloody states and while each trip was fun in its own right, I never got this extreme fighting urge to go back right that very second.

But, good lord.

This past week I've been gnawing at the teeth to visit Venice again. Or trip around Rome at night. Ack! It's killing me! I wasn't planning on taking a big trip this year so I can save up for other, more important things (like, you know, a good apartment or new printer). But now... I dunno. Europe's lookin' mighty fine to me. And while I'm dying to go back to Italy (especially because I know I would feel much more comfortable the 2nd time around), I'd really really like to visit England.

Or Switzerland.

Or Scotland.

Sigh. Is there a cure for this so-called Travel Bug? Or am I just doomed til the day I die?

In other news, I was flipping through a Lands End catalogue (best not to ask why--I don't like Lands End--I'm more of an Anthropologie/Urban Outfitters kinda girl) and
these adorable moccasins stared out at me. They come in the neatest bright colors--but the red! How insanely adorable are those red mocs?! I imagine myself wearing them with some summery white cropped pants--very summer chic if you ask me. And the little white traction nobs on the bottom remind me of octopus suckers (another plus). And for less than $30? Needless to say, I got them.

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