Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Color, Color Everywhere


shop's been updated with loads more stuff. My eyes hurt from all the colors (well...not really...but they're much more awake-looking now). I'm pleased as punch to see all the new goodies side-by-side together at last.

I started doing a few mini black and white ink drawings last night and I'm actually thinkng about doing a few to list in the shop as well. Why not? The more the merrier.

Also, I'm taking the big plunge and getting my cable disconnected. Yes, you heard right. My Comcast bill is currently a little over $100 every month, and I'm thinkin'...why? Why the hell am I spending that much moolah on channels I hardly (if ever) watch? There will be a few shows I will miss dearly. I'm a religious Mythbusters fan and it actually hurts to think I won't get to watch it anymore (though, I'm sure I can catch some episodes online, right? I'll just have to do a bit of searching). And I actually watch the Daily Show for my national news source (funny that a news parody show is more factual most of the time than the actual news), so that will be sorely missed. But everything else is just fluff to me.

The highspeed cable internet stays, however. I can live without tv, but take away my internet and you better put me on life supprt. To ease the transition without tv, I signed up for Netflix and I'm super excited to be getting my first dvd (the Prestige) in the mail tomorrow. My Netflix "queue" is packed with obscure independent and foreign movies, with a lot of entertainment fluff peppered in for good measure.

So, what's on the agenda for tonight? I'm popping in The Devil's Rejects, busting into a bag of freshly-popped kettle corn, and doing a little doodling on the side.

Sounds awfully good.

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