Monday, August 11, 2008

Printing, Printing, And Yup, More Printing

I'm spending some time getting prints done of paintings (both older and newer, sold and unsold) and gradually listing them in the shop. Color-correcting images for printing is, by far, one of my least favorite things to do as it's rather boring and time consuming. And I'm so damn picky. But, it needs to get done (and boy, I have a somewhat daunting amount of recent images to get through). Once I get that perfect print in my hands though, it's such a relief and feels so good to see and admire.


That being said, these two dearies have flittered into the shop and I'm a happy clam with both.
"Peculiar Adaptations" roughly 8x10 size--it should also be noted that the colors on this print are pretty unbelievable (I'm always worried with cyans because sometimes, they just don't reproduce so hotly). Very saturated, unreal cyans, 100% yummy.

"Solitude" 8x10"

More are on the way!

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