Monday, August 25, 2008

Old Things Become New Things

A new print is happily residing in the shop!"He Packed His Bags And Left Home For Good This Time" 6x9.25" on 8.5x11" paper

I do love that there's a nice little company of slugs and snails hangin' out in my etsy shop at the moment. I wonder if they're planning any parties or nocturnal slug get-togethers?

My weekend was spent working at the day job (10 hour shifts both days...and now, I'm quite ready for a small break from the public) but I get a couple days off before heading back to the work grind for the rest of the week. So how did I spend my Monday?

Thrifting and antiquing!

Scooped up some simple notions and a plain white bed sheet (for the quilt) from the thrift store and then *scored* at the antique store.
I found this wee old papercut silhouette (under $4!) and fell in love. Hard. Look at that hat! The small antique frame was under $9 and I knew instantly I just had to put the two together. Last month I scored a ton of discontinued upholstery fabric sample books for free from a local fabric store and have been brainstorming projects with them. Yup, you see where this is going...15 minutes later, I had a finished dandy piece of art ready for the wall. The silk fabric was cut and simply attached to illustration board using a few small pieces of double-sided tape and the same was done to the papercut silhouette. I love how the rackety green and gold frame plays off the pink stripes.

I think it's time for tea, a book, and a good late-night film.


Rachel said...

neat idea. :) I'm looking forward to going 'stuff hunting' on Friday. :D need .... break...

MarmeeCraft said...

aaahh! I LOVE that silhouette!! What a lovely find!! (And for some reason I am imagining that he is an Italian gentleman) :)

Happy Wednesday!

Art Kitten said...

oh that is awesome, you clever girl!!!

Eggman Studios said...

Thank you so much, dearies! :)