Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A Few New Things

Hello, kids!

I just thrusted some new friends of mine into the shop and wanted to share them with you!
"Stems--Framed Original ACEO""Gentle Giant--Framed Original ACEO"

I know I've said it before, but I'm madly head-over-heels with how completely awesome these ACEO paintings look framed. I have them all displayed on various walls in my house at the moment and it's pretty nifty how much drama they can bring to an otherwise boring or underused little corner.

Also, this new print has finally poked its head into the shop as well:
"The Journey Ahead"

I'll be back within the next day or two to show some recent Fall-inspired purchases and my *quilt* that is coming along swimmingly! I'm pretty happy about it.

Enjoy your Wednesday evenings!

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mademoiselle G said...

Hi! Found your blog while surfing and exploring...and just love your work! Always great to find new artists and nice blogs...If you want, You are tagged for the brilliant blog award!
Best wishes
Mademoiselle G