Saturday, July 14, 2007

Seattle Outing

Ah, my first Saturday off since....well, I'm not sure really. I never get Saturdays off from work. I spent the whole day over in Seattle and it was wonderful. Walked around, got coffee at various locales, buzzed quickly through Pike Place (the market is always insane, so I can usually only stand 5 minutes or so before I hunt and push for the nearest exit), and went to the department stores looking at pretty dresses and trying to stay cool from the heat. Left a bag of cheese in the Macy's lingerie department dressing room and swiftly went back to recover it (it's cheese, dangit). That was funny. "Excuse me, I just came back to grab my bag of cheese..."

These little darlings are all lined up and ready for some varnishing:
I painted them earlier this week and only now finished up the aged layers and signed the backs. I'm dubbing them "Shadow Paintings" and will be doing bunches for ye ole shop and the December craft fair. They're super teensy (1.75 x 2.5") and once I throw on their ribbon hangers, can be hung wherever your little heart fancies (even your Christmas tree! They're the PERFECT size for tree ornaments *hint hint*). I like to group 3 or so on a wall with other prints and paintings of larger sizes. Gives a space a nice eclectic look. Anywho, the best part is that they're easily affordable lil' original paintings (about $20 each) that anyone can snatch up. I'll let ya know when they're listed for grabs.

Did everyone have a nice Friday the 13th? Mine was such a weird one. Lots of odd customers and a guy at work who chopped part of his finger off on the saw. So not kidding. Yeow. That was a bit of a shock. Luckily it happened in the space right next door to the studio so I didn't actually SEE it happen. But I heard the shouts afterward. And saw the blood. Lots of it. Poor guy. Hopefully he's doing better...

Next week I have an appointment at the dentist to get some fillings done! Aren't you jealous? :)

Okay. Enough rambling. Here's to a nice weekend for you all!

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