Sunday, July 22, 2007

Potter Mania

Just popping in briefly to say that I am currently taking a wee holiday from the internet to avoid any Harry Potter spoilers while reading the book (as I believe half the rest of the world is currently doing--it's almost eery). I'll be back shortly, probably later this week, but I'll still be around the shop to continue shipment of orders and such.

As promised, I did in fact take a few crappy pictures of myself in HP garb for the release ceremonies. It was such a blast, though I got so involved in my painting project I was working on at the ceramic studio that night that I didn't do a ton of mingling outside between booths and well-dressed shops. It was killer neat though to see so many folks dressed up while painting goblets of fire at the same time as the HP soundtrack was blaring away.

Alas, no head-to-toe shots, due to my shaky hand and eagerness to leave the house, but here you can kinda see the hood of my cloak (which was so wonderful to wear that night because of the rain):
This is my knee-length skirt I wore (again, crappy as hell shot of it). It was so perfect--very Slytherin-like with its greeney hues:
And here is a somewhat better shot of the upper portion of me wearing my cloak:
My eyes are crazy dilated here--it's insane. And you can barely make out a white log (aka my cat Winter) over yonder on the chair. I also wore a ceramic pin I made last week for the event that's so clever (I'll show that one later). It's Snape-themed. With a picture of Snape. I love Alan Rickman. Sigh.

Alright! Off to snuggle up on the couch with book in hand. See you all in a few days. Happy reading!


Marjorie said...

Awww...look at you all ready for Harry Potter! : ) I spent part of the weekend reading some lovely Susanna Clarke (The Ladies of Grace Adieu to be exact.) : )

mellowbeing said...

Oo, I still haven't read the book. I figured I'd let the madness pass this weekend and I'll be buying myself a copy today. This may or may not mean that I'll even further take longer to update my blog too lol.

p.s. Your hair is so pretty! I love the waviness.. I always wanted hair like that but mine is too stubborn to stay wavy for more than a couple of hours.

Eggman Studios said...

Thanks guys! :) I don't think there's anything better than snuggling up on the couch at 11pm, with heavy rain outside, cup 'o tea in hand, with a good book. 'Cept of course, creating art. :)

Thanks Jen for the hair compliment! It can really be quite a pain sometimes (it's so, so thick--I'm often told I have enough hair on my head for at least two peeps).