Thursday, July 05, 2007

4th of July Laziness

Well, I hope everyone had an awesome holiday. Mine was...delicious. Every year I always feel so pressured to go see a grand fireworks display someplace, or buy fireworks and light them myself, or visit family and friends for a barbecue, etc. Well, not this year. Since all of my friends and family were either working or on various trips, I spent the 4th alone. And it was grand.

Above you can see my well-planned list of need to do's from the day. I did indeed sleep in--til 12pm! I don't think I've ever done that and damn, did it feel good. I stayed in pjs all day long, and even after I took a relaxing bath to cozy up, I got back into the pjs instead of real clothes. So, the "be lazy" check box on my list got crossed off big time. For dinner, I didn't make rice, just like my list ordered (after a previous night of eating just rice for dinner). However, I'm not real sure I can check that box fully, as I may not have made rice for dinner, but instead I made cupcakes.

German chocolate cupcakes.
Two dozen, to be precise. Between the cupcake batter (always the best part) and the handfuls of cupcakes I gorged on afterwords, dinner didn't really happen. Ah well.
German chocolate is such an unphotogenic cake with its goopy topping. I assure you however, they taste so so good (many thanks to Betty Crocker). Yummy chocolate with caramel pecan gooeyness. Yuuuuuuuummmmmmm....
And so, I'm off to slave away for another long work week. More art is in the works, as always, but I have nothing super-cool artsy wise to show for it today. Maybe another time, perhaps. Tootles!


Marjorie said...

I am loving the Planet Earth series! Did you see the part about the rain forest fungi that attack ants and other beautiful I cried! I love it!

And today I featured your Lonely Peppermint Tree painting in my bloggy:

Have a lovely day, indeed!!

Jen said...

Having an entire day to yourself is so pleasant. Sounds like you actually managed to go through most of your to-do list. Very impressive! Ironically enough with "Be lazy" on the list ;)

Eggman Studios said...

Marjorie--Thank you bunches for showing my painting on your blog! I actually sold it today and I'm THRILLED (and yet sad at the same time--always hard to let go, as you well know). :) And that portion of the Planet Earth series is actually my fave sequence. How cool nature is.

Jen--It was awesome. Yeah, funny how even my definition of laziness entails doing stuff...