Thursday, July 19, 2007

Ready For The Circus

Just a quickie post to let you all know that I loaded the shop with a few mini shadow paintings! Pictured above is a listing for a custom monogram painting. Pick a letter of your choice for me to adorn a painting filled with circus stripes and a ghostly umbrella. The one in the shot is mine and it's currently hanging on my wall and looks so lovely with the spattering of other various paintings.
Below we have one of five mini shadow paintings currently done (two listed with three more in the queue). They're so itty bitty and precious feeling but I think they really add a bit of whimsy and eclecticism to an otherwise boring wall. Paired with other minis, random photos, framed prints, larger works and they just finish off a wall display. Because nails are icky, I like hanging them on those large brass thumbtacks (plus, that way I don't need to dig around for the hammer).
Oh and the Harry Potter flick was indeed quite good. Not Prisoner of Azkaban good, but certainly close. Very dark, good shots, decent acting (for a change), and of course insane special effects. Yes, there were creative decisions made in what wasn't filmed, but generally they did a good job on picking the right scenes to leave in and leave out. Could've been a wee longer, and I would have killed for more Snape scenes, but I'm getting nit-picky here.
That's all for now. I'm off to work all day. Tomorrow night is the big Harry Potter festival in my neck of the woods, so after work I plan on staying at the ceramic studio for a few hours to paint and explore the festivities. It's also a good excuse to drag my large black wool hooded cloak out of the closet (it's amazing and if I had bought it vs. making it, would have easily cost a good $150--it's very authentic and heavy). If I remember, I'll take some pics before leaving.

Ta ta!


Marjorie said...

love love love! And love the last picture in your shop with all your lovely paintings all together on the wall!! : )

Eggman Studios said...

Thanks bunches! :) I know it can be so hard to imagine what these sorts of things can look like grouped and hung, so I thought it best to help alleviate that a bit...

Rachel said...

I love the size. :) They're so precious. I made some earrings. I dunno really - I mean, I don't wear them, why did I make them? But it was fun. :)