Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Of Dentists And Teapot Cats

Back from the dentist. Ugh. I just want to crawl back into bed so I don't have to deal with the throbbing coming from my recently-filled teeth. It was an interesting visit. It appears that much has changed in the wide world of dentistry since my visit nearly 2 years ago. My dentist office was always cutting-edge with their weird gizmos and ultrasound cavity detectors (oh how I loathe those damn machines). But now? Now, while you're sitting back in the chair having two people pry your jaw open for hours on end and sending horrid vibrations reverberating through your skull, you can watch MOVIES.


Has this been happening at other offices? I gotta admit, it made the whole experience far more....tolerant. With my headphones snug and The Living Seas IMAX special running, I almost didn't pay any attention to the work being done in the far reaches of my mouth (emphasis on "almost"). It was so weird. We must have come a long, long way in the world of dentistry if you can actually watch films while getting teeth pulled and fillings done. Good god, let this be a proof that they make an assload of money in that industry.

On to better things. I finished up the little paintings with their cute ribbons and can't wait to take pictures and load 'em into the shop (which should be happening tomorrow--I would do it today if I didn't feel like my lower jaw had just been pried from my head). I'll also be listing a neato miniature custom monogram painting--red and white stripes, adorable ghostly white umbrella, and the letter of your choice to adorn it (multiples of these will be available, depending on demand). I made one for myself and one for a friend at work who always buys me coffee and I LOVE how they look. And for $35, it's an awesome piece of custom-made original art.

Thought I'd share some images in my living room. I painted this teapot cat last week at work and it just came out of the kiln:
I'm buckets of pleased. We had these two goofy cat ceramic pieces lying around that no one wanted, so I bought one and chopped the head off, then threw the base of an upside down teapot on top. A black and white striped tail, peppermint striped "nose" (teapot spout), and three painted eyes later and I had a glorious new beast to grace my abode. Here's a side shot so you can see the teapot head: He resides on the top of my old piano, along with various other painted ceramic bowls, photography, and an antique Royal typewriter. You can see another painting I did earlier in the year hanging on the wall as well (hard to make out here, and I promise to take close-ups, but it is indeed the upper torso of a crow on a circus-like arrangement of colored stripes):
Tonight I'll be heading to the theater to see the new Harry Potter movie and I'm terribly excited! I so hated the last Harry Potter movie and everyone keeps telling me this one is more reminiscent of Prisoner of Azkaban (by far my favorite)--though not quite at that level. If this is true, it should be a goodin'.

I'm off to take a cat nap and some aspirin. Painless sleep sounds so good right now.

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