Tuesday, November 14, 2006

New Site, New Bugs

Oh dear God. I guess I didn't realize that ALL of my linked shop photos in my blog would go missing due to the update of the Etsy site. Eeeewy. All those damn Xs. Sheesh, I'm really sorry about that, but there's no way in hell that I'll be relinking all those images. Ain't gonna happen.

So, now that the new site is back up, what's my opinion of the new Etsy? Honestly? I'm a bit dissapointed actually. I'm willing to give it some time though before I crawl into a corner and breakdown in tears over how much I miss the old version. A lot of what I'm not thrilled about is the look of the site. Seems a little ebay-like to me now. Bigger fonts and all. I don't like the homepage at all. And while I love how all the photos on the site now look (super clean and crisp, yay!) I don't really care for the gallery view of my current items. My eyes get overwelmed with all those large pictures and I don't know which one to click first. I prefer the older look of my shop: large featured items at the top with smaller thumbnails of my other items below all lined up in a clean vertical fashion.

What's most dissapointing for me though is that my Featured Seller interview is gone and there's no longer a link for it in my shop. Oh the humanity! Etsy guys, if you're reading this (and I know you aren't because you're swamped trying to fix the new bugs with the site), bring it back please!

Things are a little hectic over there right now. Lotta kinks need to be hammered out, so I'm kinda staying low until it becomes a little more functional. Which, in all honesty, is okay because it'll give me more time to create new stuff. I just hope that these huge changes and problems don't put a halt to my shop's success, especially for the holidays.

Anywho, the above image is one of my latest creations (yup--it's up for grabs in the store). It's a sculptural mini camera pin! And the camera is on a bow made of negatives! Weeeee! Ahem. I get excited way too easily. Seriously though, I love this piece majorly. It was one of those "damn, this is cool" ideas that come to you in your sleep (and those are always the best kind).

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