Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Get 'Em Now, While You Still Can

Pssssstttttt.... If you've been thinkin' about buying something from the shop for some kick-ass gifts for your friends and family, get 'em quickly to ensure they'll actually make it to ya on time. The postal system is always fun around the holidays. *cough*

Just went on a listing frenzy (well, for me at least) last night and loaded up 3 new pendants to choose from! All are part of a little black/white series I did, kinda on accident. I'm super duper pleased with the outcome. They're all elegant (which is something I'm not really known for) but still have that touch of funky whimsy that my stuff always has. I especially love the one I've thoughtfully entitled, "An Affair With Mrs. Darcy" (shown above). What can I say? I was in a girly mood when I created it and was watching Pride and Prejudice. Yes, the dvd sits in a collection that contains such greats as Star Wars, The Rutles, Reservoir Dogs, and Rushmore, among many others. If that ain't juxtaposition, I don't know what is, frankly.

And now, I'm off to chill out, take a relaxing bath, and write a short story about a cannibalistic snowflake.

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