Thursday, November 16, 2006

Keeeyaaaa! Ninja Stealth!

It seems the Etsy fellas are doin' their homework. A lot of the site malfunctions I was experiencing earlier are now gone (whoopee!) and I can edit my listings without it stalling on me. This is really good news, folks. And, I have to admit, some of the features I was bitching about earlier are starting to grow on me. I now love how the new photos are layed out on the site and in everyone's shop. And there's some really useful seller tools as well. Overall, I'm pretty stoked with how the site is coming along. Sure, there's still a few more things to get fixed and my Featured Seller interview still isn't linked yet, but baby steps! I'm hoping to get some more stuff listed by early next week on my next day off from work.

Ninja studs! These have been in the store since last week, but I wanted to share a photo of 'em. They're so cute.

Oh! Also wanted to say that I now know what "theme" I'm doin' for my Christmas tree this year! Ready for this? It'll be a "Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou" tree. I know. Isn't it great?! I'm so excited! Annnnddd...I managed to snag an aqua tinsel tree from an online store! It's a 3 footer (small, yes, but I already have a 6 foot douglas fir fake tree and I don't need anymore that size) and cost me about $30. You can see it
here (looks a wee scrawny in the photo, but that's the style and trust me, it's hard to find these things in this color--I know, I've searched high and low). I can't wait to throw some yellow and blue ornaments on that thing! By the time I'm done with it, it'll be bursting with Team Zissou spirit. Splendid. I'll post pics of the ornaments I'm making later.

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