Wednesday, October 14, 2009

New Stuff (finally!)

Man. I really have fallen off the blog wagon. I do apologize.

So, what have I been up to? I've been thoroughly enjoying the Fall season. Lots of crisp walks, antique store explorations, late-night movies, good food, and sketching sessions. The only bummer so far is that I'm still trying to find the best way for my painting schedule and day job schedule to coexist peacefully. I was so used to staying up into the late night (early morning) hours with the paints, but it's just not feasible right now with my work schedule. Trying to retrain my brain to paint during daylight hours is hard...but we're getting there.

"Eye For An Eye" Original Sketch Brooch { sold }

"Dandy Bird" Original Sketch Brooch { Sold }

And look! New brooches! I've been working on these on-and-off for the past month and finally got them all photographed and listed in the shop. They were originally supposed to be ornaments, but I'm such a sucker for brooches and badges. Each one is completely one-of-a-kind, with an original sketch and painted details.

"Whalesong" Original Sketch Brooch { sold }

I'm utterly smitten with the little whale one.

"Tentacular" Original Sketch Brooch

In my head, the whale brooch and squid brooch are pinned on the same jacket, playing out a tragic life-or-death deep sea battle amongst the wool and tweed. I picked up this amazing old suitcase from the antique store the other day (and prompty used it in my brooch photoshoot). I've been hunting for one for a long time, but they're usually priced too high or the locks are damaged and you can't open them. This one is perfectly sized for plane or train, opens/locks just fine, has a pristine interior, and was only $8. Score!I also hung all the paintings still in my possession on one wall in my studio. Before, they were spread about all over my living room or propped against random walls. It got a little overwhelming. Having them all living in one happy little spot is a great deal better.

Thank you everyone for your sweet words! Happy fallish thoughts to you all!


velocibadgergirl said...

I love the idea of the squid / whale battle :D

sarahblank said...

I love your new brooches!!! I missed your posts:(
Hope all is well, and I hear you on the staying-up-all-night dilemma. Aren't the most creative moments in the wee morning hours? I need to wake up at 5 every morning and it's not possible for me either.

Eggman Studios said...

Thank you, sweets! :)

MarmeeCraft said...

Your brooches are pretty as peaches! :) And I love the way you've arranged all your works together so elegantly!! :)

Happy Fall to you!!

Eggman Studios said...

Thank you, Marjorie! :)