Friday, October 30, 2009


After months of keeping a keen eye on a tall fir tree in my backyard, I decided to climb it to obtain an abandoned bird's nest. I first spotted it back in the spring, but wasn't sure how old it was, if it was being used, or if it was abandoned. So I left it alone but watched for any signs of bird activity all summer long. No birdies claimed it, so I hiked 20 feet up the tree branches one rainy day this week to snag it for my own collection.
It's a beauty. Perfectly entwined twigs and grasses, with remnants of leaves and flower blossoms tucked inside. It's still pretty damp from the rain so I currently have it in the garage drying out a bit.Someone, though, had to check it out for herself.After a lot of sniffing and prodding, the nest has passed the cat's inspection and all is right with the world.I also found some great little mushrooms out back that made for a perfect day of sketching and studying.
These little ones are very small and spindly--the caps measuring roughly the size of a fingernail.
Back to the pencils and paints I go! Happy Friday and enjoy your Halloween festivities, folks! I'm hoping to trek out to my favorite old movie theater for a night of horror film classics, candy, and costumed frivolities. Can't wait!


sMacThoughts said...

OH! THose sketches are SO darn wonderful. And how nice you had a perfect excuse to climb a tree... who often finds themselves in that predicament? It's all good!

Eggman Studios said...

I know! I was thinking that too whilst climbing. Haven't done it in years--wow, what a work-out! :)

sarahblank said...

I just love these photos and sketches!! And your kitty seems to be enjoying putting his furry head in the nest. Cute!

Suz said...

I believe that is a Cardinal's nest
Love your sketches

Eggman Studios said...

Oh! Good to know! I was wondering about that. Thank you, Suz. :)

Lynda said...

how brave of you to climb the tree! l love the fungi..l too take loads of images of fungi and draw and paint them.Love your workx. lynda