Wednesday, September 02, 2009

August Wrap-Up

Oh my goodness. My blog has been so quiet, I can hear the crickets.
What a month August was! I thought I'd do a little wrap-up post about my August in list form:

*Went blackberry & plum picking, and now have a freezer stuffed to the gills with frozen fruit

*Made jam with said plums (the berries will go into pies!) and also a ton of zucchini bread, utilizing the zucchini from my garden*Collected acorns, the start of a wasp's nest, and a most wonderful twin oyster shell for my "Cabinet of Curiosities"*Started a new painting and made lots of sketches/plans for a Seattle show I'll have in early January

*Got a part-time job to help with the bills as well as my sanity (yay for steady paychecks and a schedule once again!)
*Visited my favorite local seashell/natural history museum (I see many days of sketching there in my near future) {above pics from their site}

*Attended a couple art openings, wedding ceremonies, and the dentist...though, not necessarily in that order...
*And read like a fool: Wind in the Willows, Pride & Prejudice & Zombies, Interview With A Vampire, the Twilight saga, Water for Elephants (absolutely *loved* this one!), and am currently enjoying my way through Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell

All in all, a rather delightedly packed month. And now it's September and I couldn't be more pleased (because, as we all know, it's one of the best months of the year). Lots of things on the horizon, and a whole lot of art ideas are filling up my sketchbook and keeping me quite busy. I'm hoping to do a nice Fall online update complete with some sketches, a few new paintings, and even some swanky ornaments (both of the printed and one-of-a-kind sort), so do stay tuned for more little news.

I hope you are all doing well and enjoying the last bits of summer too!


sarahblank said...

I like the little book review you did at the end. I am off to check out Water for Elephants, it sounds really good!
Happy Fall (soon!)

Eggman Studios said...

Oh yes, you definitely need to check that one out, Sarah! It's right up your alley. :)

Mandy said...

really lovly blog so unique

Eggman Studios said...

Thank you so much, Mandy! :)