Sunday, January 11, 2009

Conversation With A Mushroom

Okay! They're now all listed and looking sharp. Here's the last four in the series:

"Albino Stag" acrylic on wood laminate tag, 1.5x2.5" {update: sold}
"Mushroom" acrylic on wood laminate tag, 1.5x2.5"
"Black Bear" acrylic on wood laminate tag, 1.5x2.5" {sold}
"Rabbit" acrylic on wood laminate tag, 1.5x2.5" {sold}

That albino stag really creeps me a good way. I really like how eerily dreamy he looks, and yet at the same time, he has a sinister glint in his beady red eye. The mushroom is the only non-animal portrait in the series who almost got nixed at the last minute during the sketching phase. If there had been a fly on my wall yesterday, he might have heard something like this...

Me: "Hmmm. I really like how these are shaping up. But I'm just not so sure about the mushroom."

Mushroom Sketch: "...Oh really. Pray, do tell what the problem is."

Me: "Well, all the others are animals. And you, well, you're--"

Mushroom Sketch: "--not an animal. I see how it is. So, just because I don't have legs or wings or move about in some idiotic fashion, you're not going to paint me."

Me: "No no! That's not it at all! I just don't know if you'll fit in with the others..."

Mushroom Sketch: "I think I can take care of myself. Really. Besides, what are they going to do, eat me? I'd like to see them try."

Me: "I dunno..."

Mushroom Sketch: "Dude. You drew me. You obviously like painting mushrooms. And I fit the theme, right? I'm whimsical, I'm woodsy, I like trees and foresty places... And c'mon. You painted an albino stag for the set. An albino stag."

Me: "You've got a point there. Oh all right, what the hell..."

And thus the wee mushroom sketch was painted and officially inducted into the Woodland Portraits Series. For a mushroom, he's a bit pushy, ain't he?


Rachel said...

this reminds me of a spongebob episode in which spongebob is supposed to be on vacation, but doesn't know how, and goes home and acts out how he tried to go to work, and then the puppet he using starts acting it out, and there are then three spongebobs all complaining about vacation.

I'm thinking there's a similar level of psychosis here.... :P *POKE*!!

Eggman Studios said...

Haha! similarities at all. I utterly disagree. :)

ThePeachTree said...

Yes, I think you'll be having to mark all of these sold very soon :)

Karlyn said...

I thought I'd never see the day when Rachel would quote Sponge Bob. =) I love the bear by the way!