Saturday, January 13, 2007

Puttin' On The V-Day Glitz

Finally! Some new stuff in the shop! Good grief, I don't think I've ever gone this long without having a new listing in my store. Yikes. I'm rolling out the red glittery carpet for Valentine's Day with my latest designs. Earrings, charms, pins and a necklace are waiting in the lineup to be shown-off. So, for the next week, keep an eye-out for them.

I have mixed feelings about Valentine's Day. It's by far one of my least favorite holidays, mostly because of all the corporate hype.

On the other hand though, V-Day is by far one of my favorite decorating days. Seeing all those over-the-top cutesy red and pink paper hearts, lacey doilies, frosted cupcakes, and delicious chocolates is enough to send me into an inspiration frenzy. Everything is just so....cute. Sickeningly so. It's hard for it not to rub off on you just a tad.

Anyway, these cutie glitter heart stud earrings are currently up for grabs. What can be better than giving your sweetheart a pair of earrings that are truly, in every sense of the phrase, handmade with love?

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