Friday, January 19, 2007

The Door In Dmitri's Crawlspace

Just had to share with you the necklace that was created late last week, and now listed in the shop (much to my excitement). I'm so giddy about this piece! I love old doors (is that...wierd?) and thought it'd be fun to do a series of door necklaces--each one different, of course, and coming with its very own typed short story (printed on a small piece of vellum paper and tied up with a super sweet, sheer red ribbon). The end result I think is quite magical. And what a splendid gift this would make for someone! I know I'd love to get a package like that in the mail.

I do quite a bit of writing in my free time and have an odd sarcastic, fractured fairytale sort of style. Being able to combine that with my jewelry is way, way too much fun. You'll be seeing more of that, I assure you.

More glitter heart charms will be coming to the shop early next week, just in time for the big holiday 'o love. And I also listed a couple
Life Aquatic inspired pieces.

I know. I'm a huge, huge nerd for that movie. It's beginning to take over my life.

Lets see... On the movie front, I've recently watched:

1) Oldboy--If you haven't seen this flick and enjoy Asian horror/pschological thrillers as much as I, then please save yourself and rent this one. It's insane and so good. My fellow movie buddy lent this one for me and I'm so glad he did because I couldn't stop thinking about it even two hours later.

2) Bottle Rocket--I saw this one for the first time last year and just bought it with Christmas money and watched it again. Oh how I love this movie. There is now not a Wes Anderson movie on the planet that I don't own and love dearly. I simply cannot wait for the next! Fantastic Mr. Fox--an animated version based off the Roald Dahl book--with more Henry Selick AND Wes Anderson?! Could it GET any better?

3) The Queen--Just got back from the theater. Very good. And Helen Mirren did such an amazing job in it. Definately worth seeing if just for her acting alone.

4) Children of Men--Wow. Such an intense flick. There's rarely a second in that movie for you to stop and catch a breath. Everyone needs to see this one, it's quite unbelievable (unbelievable as in amazing--not "not believable"). I really enjoy the end-of-humanity type flicks, and this one is way up there on that list in my opinion.

Well, that's all for now. Busy day at work tomorrow, ugh. But I'm so looking forward to Monday and Tuesday--days off! Wee! :)

Happy weekend everyone!

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