Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A Shop Update of Mini Proportions

I'm wrapping up preparation for the show (it's just nitty gritty details now) and focusing on doing a wee update for the online shop that I'm *very* excited about...and I think you shall be too. I'll have 3 original ACEO paintings (I'm completely enthralled with them) and also, at last at last, a nice pile of hand-painted brooches that make me think of late summer or early fall (and therefore, are just begging to be pinned to warm jackets or book bags).

The designated date for the mini update is: Monday July 28th, precisely at 10am PST (1pm EST), at you know where.

Do show up on time to get first snatching at whatever catches your fancy! None of these will be reserved before the update, so it's definitely a first-come-first-served sorta deal.

I had a very nice photo shoot today and thought I'd give you all a sneak peek at the goods! Here they are...

Lots of eye candy!

The squid and slug ACEOs have gold composite leaf incorporated into the painting for their halos (after all, they *are* saints). I think one would want to pray to Saint Slug for a slug-free garden. Perhaps you should light a candle in his honor, set aside some lettuce, and if he feels benevolent, he shall call away his brothers and sisters.Saint Squid however.... I suppose we could get all obvious-like and say he's the patron saint of fertility. But lets not. He may get a bit embarrassed (I mean, look at those big, innocent eyes of his).

These ACEOs won't be framed (for ease of mailing and to make them a bit more affordable for folks), but just to show you how *awesome* ACEOs look when framed, here's a look at one that's ready for the upcoming show:Isn't it neat how something so small can look so grand when framed up nicely? Those double mats do wonders.

Alrighty! I'll be spending the rest of my evening catching up on my England 2007 Trip photo/scrapbook ('s taken me nearly a *year* to actually get to work on that...). Happy Wednesday, boys and girls!


Rachel said...

haha!! you're actually working on that now? :D that's great. hehe... what are you doing next Monday?

sMacThoughts said...

How right about the frames and double mats but yours don't need such things for us to see the value and beauty!

ambika said...

Love those feathers. So sweet.