Friday, March 28, 2008

Happiness Part II : Fabric Piles

A month ago, I decided I would try to make my very own quilt. I'm not very good at sewing--it's one of those skills I wish I knew, but don't--and more importantly, I don't own a sewing machine, which means the entire quilt will need to be hand sewn. Oh yes, I'm expecting plenty of tears and mistakes--but I'm hoping they'll just make it that much more special once completed.
Now, after a month of buying different fabrics in my favorite color scheme (red/aqua/yellow), I have a wonderful pile of patterns and colors.
Seeing all these fabrics together in a stack like this makes me oh-so-very happy....which is also part of the reason why I haven't started digging in and cutting everything up (that and I'm a major procrastinator).Here's to the weekend! I'll be working as well as locking myself away to paint. Plus, taking lots of coffee breaks. :)


Eamon said...


I like your blog a lot, would you be interested in exchanging links ?

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Rachel said...

oh, I love these!! I'm so jealous, it's going to be awesome, just because these fabrics are so COOL! I especially love the aqua one you pictured. Just gorgeous! I like the b/w design too... and everything else, but yeah... AWESOME. And time consuming... I made a couple of pillows by hand. It took awhile.

Eggman Studios said...

Thanks, Eamon! I'd be happy to exchange links! :) Your blog is wonderfully diverse--I like it!

Rachel--yeah, I thought "I can't make a quilt for the life of me, so it'll help to start out with fabrics that outshine the bad sewing". That's my approach. :)

Art Kitten said...

You are a very brave woman! Your fabric choices are so wonderful, but wow, you have your work cut out for you, this is something that I do not have the guts to try!

Eamon said...


I added you to my blogroll. Again, great site - look forward to returning ..

Eggman Studios said...

Susan--oh I know! I've always greatly admired folks that whip up quilts over the weekend (egads, seriously? Is that possible?). This will be a very long and slow project that I'm sure will take me a year or more to complete...if I do complete it. :)

Mary said...

That's a beautiful selection of fabrics. And hand-sewing any item adds something extra-special!

Eggman Studios said...

Thank you Mary! :)