Friday, December 14, 2007

An Oncoming Armada

Hard to believe that Christmas is less than 2 weeks away. Wow. I only yesterday put up ornaments and a mild spattering of Christmasy decorations (which of course means that they'll be staying up well-after New Years. I have to get *some* use outta them). Long hours at work = very little time to paint, which of course translates to me staying up late at night painting because I need to paint, dang nabbit. I'm currently working on a nice little spread of originals to sell within the next week... They look so happy together! And hidden in this rather horrid late-night photo are two little whale paintings (not finished yet, but when they are, they'll be doosies). Paint-stained hands, ships, AND whales? Life is good.

Here's what's been cooking in the mighty sketchbook lately (I have a love affair with nautical imagery & have been letting myself get carried away with oceanic themes lately in my drawings):
And I also finally finished painting up this circus-inspired pie plate at work (the text reads "The 2 Headed Buck Klaus Jr"). 6 months. That's how long this one has been sitting on the back burner. When I started it, I was so thrilled with how it was coming along, but after seeing it nearly every day unfinished and begging for me to sit down and add the final touches, I became horribly disinterested in it. I'm still undecided on whether or not I'm gonna keep it or give it away.In between work and painting, I've also been watching a whole lot of movies. Went and saw No Country For Old Men, which I loved (what an amazing comeback for those Coen bros. My goodness). That movie still gives me the chills--and I saw it more than a week ago. Also recently watched these goodies:
Hadn't seen
Titus, but always wanted to (*loved* it! Julie Taymor does such stunning work), and of course, Dr. Strangelove is an old friend (but one that I hadn't seen in ages and ages).

That's all for tonight, kiddos! I made some lovely purchases from Etsy this week that I'm dying to show you all. Time for bed for this little painter, but next time, I'll host a wee "show 'n tell" of the mailbox goodies. Happy trails!


Anonymous said...

Love the snippets from your sketchbook!! I'm totally into the nautical themes too... must be something in the water lately. lol!! :D

Eggman Studios said...

I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one going nautical crazy in their work. :) You'd think after drawing and painting so many ships, I'd get sick of them. But no... :)

Karlyn said...

Hey! Long time no speak...I was wondering if you ever thought of doing anything with polar bears? The reason I ask is that my still yet unborn baby has taken on the nickname bear and I've been collecting things with bears for him. He already has an Edward Gorey bear picture above his bassinet. Anyway, if you are ever polar bear/penguin inspired let me know. =) Oh by the way, I wear the pear neckless all the time!

Eggman Studios said...

Karlyn!! So good to hear from you! I think a polar bear painting would be awesome. I'll keep that in mind and give you a holler! I still can't believe that a) you're gone and b) you'll be having a baby soon. Eep! How fast time flies. :)