Thursday, December 06, 2007

Good Tidings

I have re-entered the blogging world, after what seems like an eternity of show prep, shipping, show attending, more shipping, bookkeeping, and finance mingling (and other boring business tidings). Whew! I hope every one's doing well and enjoying their December (don't even ask me where November went--I'm still trying to figure *that* one out).
A big hug and word of thanks to friends, family, fellow blog readers, collectors, lurkers, supporters, and everyone else for all their wonderful words of encouragement this year. I love you all dearly! My first show went off without a hitch in Seattle, despite the somewhat rickety weather (snow one day, lots 'o rain the next) and lots of learning experiences (#1--invest in a backdrop/screen of some sort, unless you want to be engulfed in the screenprinted tees of your neighbor). I was nervous and excited but getting to meet so many of you first-hand was such a joy. Sometimes I feel like I'm stuck in my own little odd digital realm online, but meeting folks at the show who knew me or recognized my art or bought from me on Etsy brought me right back to reality. You guys are swell!
I'm slowly getting items that didn't sell at the show listed into the shop, including Squiddy Note Cards!! Yes! You read correctly!
The nautilus ones always get lots of comments on Etsy, so I had decided for the show to branch out a little with a couple more designs. I think the squid ones are my new faves--I even love them more than the nautilus cards, which is a tall task, let me tell you. There's only two packs of the squid ones at the moment...

Also, with the new year will come new and exciting things as well as some bold decisions, amongst which I've decided to stop making charms and pendants, except for special occasions. I've noticed that since I've started pushing my artwork and getting a great response, I've been neglecting the claywork. I know that's what I started selling on Etsy (and what my featured seller interview is about, which will be weird once I don't have any sculptural work for sale...) but I've come a long way and have been evolving as an artist. It's time to cut back on some things so I can really focus on painting and my artwork.

So, as a bit of a last-ditch goodbye, I'll only have a couple charm designs available for the Winter season. They're very limited edition, maybe only 4-8 of both designs, and once they're gone, that's it. I sold a few of these last year and they sold out unbelievably fast.
Mr. Frosty charm is live in the shop at the moment, with the Lollipop Guild charm design to come in the next day. *UPDATE: Both designs are all sold out! Thank you!*
So, while there may not be any more sculptural pieces available, that just means there will be more art--including lots more originals (of both the larger, extravagant kind along with the smaller, extremely affordable kind) and prints, as well as other fun surprises. And of course, I will keep you all posted.

Without further adieu, I must leave you all to do up some mini paintings. Within the next week I hope to have a nice assortment of mini nautical paintings up for grabs (I *need* to paint some ships and whales. That's all I know at the moment). Take care of yourselves, have a splendid weekend, and once again, thank you for your kind words and thoughts!


Rachel said...

and dolphins. :) I've always liked dolphins. Hey, I thought the screenprinted tees added a nice ambience. *snort* I'm so glad it went well! I can't wait to go to your next one. :)

Eggman Studios said...

Yeeeaaaahhhhh.... They *were* awesome tees, and high-fives to those guys because they sold like the dickens. One of these days I need to see if I can't get some of my stuff screenprinted onto shirts and such...