Thursday, December 27, 2007

Holiday Inspiration

I hope everyone's holiday went well! Mine was gloriously relaxing. Spent time with the family, of course, but also got to have a wonderful silent break for myself, in which I made myself peppermint hot cocoa and brainstormed painting ideas. Nothing quite beats that.

We were also lucky enough to have a nice bit of a snowfall this year on both Christmas day and now, two days after Christmas as well (a mighty rarity in the Puget Sound area, let me tell you). I love the look of a fresh snowfall--quiet, bright, blue and cyan tones... Ah.
The presents were all a hit. I gave everyone hand-painted pottery made by myself and a select few also got homemade candied walnuts and pecans as well, which turned out dang good if I may say so. I definitely need to make more.

I received some lovely gifts as well--candles, coffee, dvds (lots), sweaters, cds, matted photographs (thanks again, Rachel!), and a good deal of gift cards and some cash. Last night was spent ordering a nice handful of dvds via gift cards for my growing collection. The star of the order is, naturally, the 1st season of Flight of the Conchords. It can't get here fast enough!
Today I also played around in the sketchbook, working out painting ideas and various color combinations.I have some smallish works to finish up tonight as well and then will hopefully have enough time to begin some larger ones.

This has been quite the month for the shoppe! Thank you all for your wonderfully kind words and support! I can't wait for 2008. There's some fun things in store, oh yes....

I leave you now to go watch a movie and eat a quick parmesan garlic pasta dinner (thank you, Pasta Roni), laid atop a dark ship sailing on another fine adventure....


Rachel said...

you're welcome! I love the plate, very cool. :) I've been so sick these past few days. I'm visiting my family this weekend, then working my butt off. But we'll eventually get it together! Sorry to wake you up early on Christmas - we stopped by the night before, but you weren't there, so I had to come back. :) Happy end of 2007!

Eggman Studios said...

That's okay! I needed the day to get a lot of painting done. Absolutely no worries! I'm glad that you stopped by on Christmas--even if I was still half-asleep and incredibly disheveled (Mike seemed incredibly...uncomfortable, shall we say?). :)

Happy New Year and hold fast to that cheese and wine idea!

melissa said...

What a pretty plate!