Wednesday, June 06, 2007

An Evening of Movies and Junkfood

Busy busy busy.



Funny how the second I say I'm not sure when I'll be posting in the ol' blog again this week I get the pressing urge to post right that very second, no matter the cost. Maybe I should try that trick out more often...

Anyway, it was a very long work day today so I'm super exhausted. There shall be no painting, sculpting or general-artsyness from yours truly today. No sirree. I've got a Netflix movie to pop in the dvd player, popcorn to pop, and a couch that has my name allllll over it. Oh, and did I mention a hot bath?...

Sounds like my kinda night.

Before I leave you, here's a pic of the cuckoo clock happenings before yesterday (during which it was completed--and I can't wait to show you!). I told you--very bright colors. Once I have the time, energy, and, uh, daylight, I'll take a shot of the finished piece. I'm thinkin' this one may wind up in the shop as well, probably sometime next week. Will let you all know when that'll be.

And soon, very soon, like within the next month, the spanking new printer will be ordered. Vast prints are on the horizon, my dear friends! Oh yes, yes they are...

PS: An extra shout-out to my buddy Rachel, who just returned from Austria the other day, and dropped by my work today (which itself was a big enough gift) to give me a bag of birthday goodies (the big day is on Tues. the 12th). The handbag is SO me, the little ceramic head thing from Croatia is delightful (in an odd, creepy and very "Michelle" sorta way), and the German chocolates? Uh, don't be surprised if they're all gone after tonight's movie. Jus' sayin'... Cavities, here I come!

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