Monday, June 04, 2007

A Big Thanks and New Paintings

First off, I just want to give a big heapin' thanks to everyone that's given their love and support via comments, email, cookies (yum!), and hugs in regards to my deceased cat. I dearly love you all! :) I'm doing much better--the first day or two were a tad rough, but with all the support that's been given along with my crazy (crazy I tell you!) work schedule, I'm feeling close to normal. Man, that was quite the emotional hit for me. I've been through a lot of pet deaths (including a couple rather grisly ones) but this one really did me in. She was very, very close to me and to lose her that way was just so not cool.

Anyway, the stump painting did get finished and is now listed for grabs in the shop! It'll be hard for me to let this one go--it turned out awesome and with that lovely gloss varnish on there it really brings out those colors and depth.

Once I completed it, I grabbed my nearest sketchpad to work out my next painting. I'm happy to say, it's currently well on its way (another 5x7 incher--but this time of a cuckoo clock!Squee!) and is bursting with color.

Today is my only day off for the next seven days (all 8-9 hour shifts), so I made it worthwhile by taking a trip to the thrift store. Not a lot of good finds today, though I did nab this set of four teacups that I couldn't resist (all four acquired for less than two smackers).

That's all for now! No idea when I'll get the time to post again, but soon. Very soon. Here's to a good week!


pamela michelle said...

the stump painting is beautiful. love it. sorry to hear about your cat :(

Eggman Studios said...

Thanks bunches for the condolences and compliments!

Jen said...

You make such awesome stuff. I looove the tree stumps painting. :)

So sorry to hear about your cat. I'm sure kitty heaven is treating her well.

Eggman Studios said...

Aww, thanks Jen. :)

Marjorie said...

Look Who's on the Front Page of Etsy! : ) (That's You!)


Eggman Studios said...

Oh my goodness! Thanks for the head's-up, Marjorie! :)