Saturday, June 24, 2006

Star Wars Fans Unite!

Most of my polymer clay work is sculptural, but I do occassionally create hand-drawn pieces as well. They're extremely time-consuming, taking an entire day or more to complete (add onto that another day of sketching and planning out my design), so I don't do them that often and when I do, I price them much higher than my other works.

They've been very well-received and I've sold most of them almost immediately. This stunning Princess Leia Hand-Drawn Pendant Necklace is the exception though. She's priced at the higher-end of my hand-drawn pieces, but she was by far my most challenging. The realistic portrait is on a bead only 1" long and I worked on it for two days straight. It's a piece that I'm extremely proud of and would love to see in the hands of another avid Star Wars fan and collector like myself. She's still available in my shop, so take a peak!

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